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Day 2,056, 06:06 Published in Germany Germany by PanHerman

Bracia pisze do was drugi raz tego dnia ale nie z byle powodu mam zamiar utworzyć nową partie ale potrzebuje złota bardzo wasz prosze kto może niech da mi jakąś sumke dzięki której Narodowi Socjaliści będą się rozwijać każdy kto mi da te pieniądze na partie może mieć pewność że ja go przyjme

PanHerman !



eisenmutter2 Day 2,056, 06:59

1. acquire 1-4 conspirators
2. join some small (1person)-party
3. run for Party-President on 14th of the month ~23:58 erep-time
4. let your conspirators join the party late on 15th to vote for you (they can then leave the party again)
5. have your own party to play with for 1month
6. get tired of it and 'lose' it the next month to the old owner

eisenmutter2 Day 2,056, 07:00

= don't found a new party, it's wasted money

eisenmutter2 Day 2,056, 18:05

Comment deleted

eisenmutter2 Day 2,056, 07:07

point 5.1 is
get hate-PMs from old PP if lucky he will also dedicate an article to your deeds

point 5.2 is
ridicule the old PP, if possible also his mother (and if confirmed information: his sister too)

point 5.3 is
don't change the partys name (costs money i think) but instead write stup!d and crazy sh!t about everything and everyone as the president in the name of the party
because of this the old PP will most likely feel the need to change the partys name when he gets it back

point 5.4 (optional) is
PTO the country

cbird Day 2,056, 14:28

kommt mir bekannt vor 😃

eisenmutter2 Day 2,056, 18:05

Das ist nicht verwunderlich. Ist schließlich ein global standardisiertes Vorgehen.

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 2,056, 13:32


Kaad Day 2,057, 07:55

Polish multi?

omg_87 Day 2,057, 08:12

now way, he has a Bismarck Avatar for his Newspaper and his name is Herman. That makes no sense. I think we should elect him for president.

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