J'accuse !

Day 2,424, 08:35 Published in Cuba Czech Republic by Jankhos
To the Polish Government :

I was in Poland many times in my life, and to be frank, I just returned from a 3 week trip in Krakow, and as many visitors, I simply fell in love with your country. This so special country, country of martyrs, that live a new golden age thanks to its entry into the European Union a decade earlier, a country that has so much to offer to Europe, this country that can give us lessons of courage and solidarity 25 years after the semi-free elections, the country betrayed by its allies in 1939 and yet found a way to forgive, France and Britain.
This country is yours, this is the country I love, a country with a rich and fascinating history, the country of Sobieski and Piłsudski, a country of great men, the land of pierogi or vodka, the one of only two countries in the world that has tamed Moscow, the third Rome, your country.
And this country that I love, where I found citizens with a rare kindness towards foreign tourists like me, this is the country where I want to study my master, in Krakow, this is the country of the future.

But I will never forget the disappointment, the disappointment at seeing extraordinary people in the streets all over Poland, but hypocrites on that game that return a disastrous image of this beautiful country.

Czech citizen since my rebirth in this game a year ago, I am fighting for the sake of the country I live in, the land which I directed, in particular diplomacy (creating elsewhere in passing a probable longevity records for this position).

This country who adopted me I tried to help as much as possible, yet it is not easy. The Czech Republic is close to Poland, which always "need" to take over our regions for various military objectives. The Czechs have been a long time neutral and without any real firepower, could not free himself often. However, we also want to play, we also want a Congress and to create an atmosphere conducive in a peaceful society and interesting game.
In this context, we have again and again attempted to open negotiations with Poland. Almost every time we have been betrayed by our neighbors. I have long been the most fervent artisan of an alliance with Poland, and I've always wanted to work hand in hand with our great neighbor. Sometimes it worked, and the two countries have been allies for a few months between the summer and fall of 2013, we had at the time a single region: Moravia, but the Poles were friendly and we respected them.

But after various betrayals, our countries have moved away, and I began to want to join LETO / ASTERIA not for "betraying" Poland (the word "betrayal" seems also unnecessary, given that Poland's betrayed us first), but to ensure the safety of my country.

So today I accuse your government of lying to the Czech people claiming you have made ​​some interesting proposals so that we have a Congress,
I accuse your government to put pressure on the Czech Republic,
I accuse your government to threaten our existence,
I accuse your government of being hypocritical and coming to propose agreements only when the situation in your country is delicate,
I accuse your government to take us for idiots, simply.

However, I am not writing this article to tell you that I hate your country, because I just love "real Poland", I am writing this article to tell you how I'm disgusted with the attitude of your President.

May the Polish players become less hypocritical with us, and simply open their minds.