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Its Time for Change

Day 1,879, 08:01 Published in Ireland Ireland by Abel Mcfinn

Hello fellow citizens,
I write today out of frustration so please bear with me but I feel it is time for change.

Since I have been on the game almost three months I have seen subsystems that have been set up that have failed now more than once in 45 days and nor there is talk that the communes can not be sustained at previous levels
I know this will raise a lot of controversy but this is not my intent… I just think we need a open discussion

Prior to a couple of days ago you could work on a commune…. Or were almost demanded to for 0.10 IEP your work would produce 12 weaapons and you had the following options
a. You could receive 10 Q7 wepons
b. Or 5 Q7 weapons and 25 IEP ( UNDER THE TABLE ) NOT TAXED
c. Or 50 IEP under the table

Now I know the commune holders are left with the surplus of your production of 2 Q7 weapons for each worker to do as they wish… most I see on the market for sale.

Cheap labor and forbidden market competition

Now if you are a commune worker you are forbidden to sell your weapons to generate revenue.(now if people don’t think these weapons are hitting oversea markets they are foolish)

So now we have no taxes generate for Ireland not only for compensation of IEP wages..... now we are funding taxes in other markets when weapons are sold.

The 2 weapons left for commune holder that COULD be sold avg value is 16.00IEP or value of roughly 32.00IEP

Why not have these companies pay their worker something like 50 IEP and a bonus of 5 Q7 weapons.

This would allow them to keep 7 weapons @ 16.00 each or value of 112.00 IEP more than covering the wage of the worker
And yes slightly LESS than the over all value of the wages plus the bonus weapons…

This would result in many of our weapons coming back to domestic markets( because there is no restriction of selling) and would generate more taxes for Irelands treasury.

This may result in a temporary drop in market prices but I think would level back out because a market within a market would be created.. ( buying low and selling high) for the weapons…. Each transaction more taxes collected.

I agree with Bhane and the overall view of the IFP… self sustain is the idea… we can help more people this way.

I know there may be things about this system I do not know... and there may be inside pieces that im missing... but its common sense guys.

i know there are more people in ireland that feel the same as me an i would like to hear from you.

it appears the current system only allows some to benefit... get cheap ass labor... and only some can benefit keeping the rest from growing as fast..

We should all have the opportunity to make money or fight or do what ever we need to with or compensation from work.

I love the IA and most of the people in it... this is not to Piss any body off I just feel we may have a better way with the largest MU out there..
if im wrong then i may need to consider another day for the IA and my membership
To a Stronger Ireland
Abel McFinn



Bhane Day 1,879, 08:18

"Now I know the commune holders are left with the surplus of your production of 2 Q7 weapons for each worker to do as they wish… most I see on the market for sale."

I do not hold commune workers, but I can guarantee you that this is a false statement. If one work click produced 12 tanks you would be correct. but you are failing to recognize the minimum of 8 work clicks required to make the raw materials for those tanks.

That means 9 workers make 12 tanks... though the Q4 raw factory is significantly cheaper, so lots of people use that instead. That means it probably takes more than 9 work clicks to make a batch of 12 tanks.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,879, 08:18

I had to check what MU you were in as the regime you describe is not one I recognise

IA communes are/were state subsidised

Weapons in our commune are held back by the commune holder to sell to pay for raw. You don't seem to have factored that in to you figures

Also LPA commune workers can sell their produce if they want

Anyway discussion is good

Abel Mcfinn
Abel Mcfinn Day 1,879, 08:25

point taken guys I do not have any Q7 factories so not aware I know with Q4 i have but at the end of the day I still think we are starving our country from having the tax dollars she deserves and we could get wages up naturally

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,879, 08:28

Also just to say that if your commune is subsidised by the state it is reasonable for the state to insist you do not profit from the weapons supplied by selling them.

Of course in private MUs that does not apply.

James Keiller
James Keiller Day 1,879, 08:46

Now I know the commune holders are left with the surplus of your production of 2 Q7 weapons for each worker to do as they wish… most I see on the market for sale.

I call BS on that statement.

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 1,879, 09:50

Could we get a breakdown on the commune system? Especially since it's being reduced so drastically. I'm still trying to learn the very basics of the economy so I don't have the numbers to use or knowledge of where to find them.

T1nk3r Day 1,879, 09:56

I'm unsure how you're coming to these conclusions.

Once a worker has produced 12 Q7 tanks. 10 Q7 tanks sold at market rate (about 12-3 IEP) would pay for the WRM (at 0.05) to produce the 12 Q7 tanks. Which leaves 2 Q7 tanks.

Before, you got given 10 Q7 tanks because the treasury paid for the WRM for 8 tanks.
Now, you'd get 4 Q7 tanks because the treasury is paying for 2 tanks.

There is no surplus, they is only subsidy.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,880, 03:35

and the sad thing is we cannot transfer WRM or any RM so my plan to help the IA by sending them some WRM has failed. anyway might still send them the money for the weapons what the heck. making money abel is difficult but not impossible. You must be 2 steps in front of any change. Not that I am but the game lurched back 10 feet to the place I was standing. Its easy if you cant do the math. i for one have 1200 energy available at the start. So can do 120 jobs myself at 1 click. Furthermore I have 2 market licenses the one in the netherlands is a dud the USA one is currently a winner. If I place any items below the us offer it sells within a few milliseconds. So when the Irish market is death I just drop stuff there and get the money and continue with the game. There is other methods as well but too many players doing it atm so not going to delve into that.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,880, 03:45

the other thing and i have said it before one must be self reliant. I produce enough food for me and have left over. I currently produce only 12 weapons a day before I joined the IA had about 12 q4 12 q3 24 q2 and 72 q1. that is enough to complete the daily task. so use your strength and workers medals to get atleast the following 7 Q1 factories that will give you about 1400 HP--24 Q4 weapons is enough and then you just need the Raw materials to allow this production. This will make you an island sustainable to change and with the ability to grow economically

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