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Its a World of a Few Words...

Day 1,875, 06:12 Published in India India by Xicor13

Good Day to All eRepulicans 😃

In eIndia,we have had many articles,whose brilliance is far beyond my level,but,as I wanted to speak out what I felt,I thought I should write an article anyways. Frankly,thing is,I can't write half the inspiring articles people like Death and Taxes do,my salute to you guys 😃

If you are human,you might be wondering what this goddamn article is all about,frankly,I feel disgusted seeing the mudslinging going around by the EDEN guys here and eIndia with its allies trying to defend. This is what this article is all about frankly,I wanted to give a reply,which wouldn't go un-noticed,which would have some mass and convey a message,however if I fail to do so,please try to get my feelings,after all,I'm a small kid 😛

Well,so here,I shall be covering both sides,the Croatian Side & then the Indian Side and shall be answering several comments from various articles which grabbed my attention.

First of all,lets take another glance at the things which occured in the chronological order (according to me)

1) After getting wiped,Croatia took refuge in India
2) Indonesia started attacking them to kick them out of eAsia
3) We stopped recieving rent (or so I heard)
4) Croats negotiated with Thais about deals for our lands
5) The controversial referendum
6) We vowed to help Croatia stay in India
7) Thailand NE India
8 ) Musical chairs for like a week between India,Croatia,Thailand & Indonesia on Indian land
9) Croatia NE India (or maybe the f*ckcows thing happened)
10) Meeting about future course of action in the above room (or maybe point 9)
11) India receives assistance from Bulgaria and various other CoT countries
12) The War Wages On



1) India was in talks with CoT while in GEA
2) India was not supposed to even ask for rent from it
3) India would be saved from Thailand if Croats occupy it,and India opposed.
4) Croatia needed to be blocked from Indonesia,but we failed to help them do so.

My Replies

1) If eIndia was in talks with CoT before hand,then why would the referendum be held in the first place,how disgraceful it would have been to be accepted into CoT then the people rejecting the offer. Moreover,you people heard it from the Thais and took their statement over ours,gimme a break,they have been at wars (fun ones ofc) with us for like an eternity and have no previous contacts with you as far as I know but we have been with you for like an eEternity
2) Well,I must say this is a debatable issue,but well,standard policy is,every region is valuable and you take rent for it,whether multiple or not,a resource is a resource and eIndians on the whole like to have the whole country with them.
3) This is brainless,I wont waste time on this.
4) Well,frankly speaking,what chance did we have when it was eIndia + eCroatia vs. CoT+TWO,now gimme some sense if you may....


1) Croatia did not pay rent
2) Croatia caused the whole musical chairs for us
3) Croatia doubted us to be in talks with CoT
4) Croatia NE'd India
5) Croatia is the Root Cause of Troubles

My Replies

1) Well,I heard it was so,well,you cant argue much about that,can you?
2) That is exactly true as well.....
3) That is something which is highly infuriating,we let you in our land,we let you do whatever you want,we support you with all we got,in return,we get suspicion,in hindi then,shak,what the... 😉
4) Infuriating and uncalled for,not to mention the f*ckcows thingie
5) True isnt it

The Summary

Both Sides Made Mistakes,but Thing is...

People,we are at war,we have been in peace for an eternity and I dont see why we should not appreciate war and take it as something positive and grow from it. I,on a personal level suggest joining CoT,they have Bulgaria who have stood by us for a very long time now,and continuing this war,even if it means staying wiped for the whole of 2013,because no BabyBoom ever occured without a war (with exceptions ofc).

In this game,war is the path to glory,the only path

Frankly,This is a World of a Few Words, Dignity,Friendship $ WAR

Oh and Yes,any more accusations from either side,lemme know 😃


ShockWavve Day 1,875, 06:32

ShockWavve was here

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,875, 06:38

V nd S

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,875, 08:20

superb summary !!

Sergeant Lincoln Osiris
Sergeant Lincoln Osiris Day 1,875, 08:45

This is how i see it: India was reluctant to help Croatia with a tactical war that we asked for when Indonesia attacked us so we could buy time and move our regions further to the north.
Then when Indonesia was kicked out from India we asked India to NE us so we can connect our bonuses, but the Indian government refused to help again. After that the Croatian officials NE'd India and stated that they will not pay any rent anymore because India didn't act as an ally. Croatian diplomacy failed a lot if u ask me but there are always two sides of a story.

Best regards

Xicor13 Day 1,875, 09:12

I agree that this could have been handled much better from the Indian side too,but point is,when you come down to the facts,it was Croatia who was over in our land as an ally,so we had a sort of veto power or something maybe (not exactly veto but more like first preference)

Sergeant Lincoln Osiris
Sergeant Lincoln Osiris Day 1,875, 09:28

I acknowledge that Xicor13 but i don't understand why Indian government didn't want to help in that sense, i can only guess. Anyways, what is done is done, good luck to India in CoT o7

Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Day 1,875, 11:45

Uninformed amateur .. . sorry

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,875, 12:07

"the mudslinging going around by the EDEN guys here and eIndia"

Just who are those EDEN guys and what are they slinging? I was attacked a lot in the press by the former (thankfully) MoFA. In fact he called me a traitor several times. All because i disagreed with rushing into an alliance with CoT.

While I think you are missing some facts, I hope that you continue to cover events, we need more debate and exchanges, just try to dig around a bit more next time.

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,875, 18:44

"please try to get my feelings,after all,I'm a small kid"

For a "small" kid, you write very well - no sarcasm, its a genuine compliment. You may be young in years but you seem to have got what it takes to do well in RL.

Being a media afficionado myself, its a pleasure to see it so active and buzzing with life : )

Keep writing regularly, you got what it takes o/

Xicor13 Day 1,876, 00:19

@Roger Griswal : I meany Croatia and other EDEN countries,you come in eIndia for me : P

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,876, 05:48

Well, I like this article, and I think it gets a very good message across. More of the same please.

Just to be clear on one thing, you can't just join CoT on a whim. You have to have a proper congress vote or by a proper referendum. The majority needs to be 66+1% So in reality, having conversations with CoT while a member of GEA is prudent, otherwise, how the hell would you know if it was worth leaving GEA in the first place?

In reference, as MoD of Ireland I had discussions with CoT leading up to our leaving EDEN because we needed to know what the ramifications were if we decided to join CoT. As it turns out, barring a referendum vote, we're more likely to join Asgard, a pro-EDEN alliance.

ayush121212 Day 1,876, 06:42

superb \o/

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Day 1,876, 07:11

No me no vote xDDD

Karlo FTW
Karlo FTW Day 1,876, 15:01

india needs coperation with cro and cro needs coperation with india..

if no india deleted(cro loses ereputation) or india deleted by thailand/indos/china and cro sent back to coperation is best solution..and to forget mistakes made by ex governmants

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,877, 01:17

Your replies: 1. How many people participated in this joke of a referendum, out of the total number of citizens? 2. Renting was never the issue, where ever u took this info from, it is wrong - we were always ready to pay for the rent. 3. This, again, was never the issue. 4. Only this point is debatable

Xicor13 Day 1,877, 03:09

Oh please,read the order of the goddamn events before replying,I said,stopped rent then the referendum : P
and about the rest,I took it from various articles and as far as the referendum is concerned,40-50 active citizens is what eIndia is at the core,many like myself didnt vote being not fully awar of the happenings

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