It is just a goodbye, don't cry you qu[INSERT BAD WORD].

Day 3,062, 23:32 Published in Ireland Portugal by Martinho69

Eire Aonair members, fellow Irishmen, thank you.

For the past few months, I enjoyed playing will all of you – especially since I have been elected president of Eire Aonair in January. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to remain online as often as I would like to. Indeed, exams start right on this Monday, and be sure that they won’t give me enough time to get the job done until, at least, mid-May. That is why I took responsibility for renouncing another mandate.
Let’s not roll back the clock looking what I have done well or bad, you will all be my judges. The party you gave me in January was - one must note - in dire straits though, and all I believe I did was to give it back an ounce of activity and organization. Nothing more, nothing less, just like every president could have done.

Nonetheless, none of the plans would have been achievable without your own motivation and support. Thus I must thank every single Eire Aonair member for that. You people are way more than just an electoral label. You lads deserve power and a new reason to play, then you all must make sure that this is what you’ll be fighting for in the indistinct months ahead.

Thank you all again for this reborn, especially my boys Klynn and Uljanov who trusted me in the very first place, but also the couple talented fellows I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with during our different campaigns. However, be sure guys that I’ll be back. I love politics too much to leave them this way, and I’ll still check my mails and the threads if some of you need anything. Also, I might be in charge of economical responsibilities in the government – which will be a part-time job as you already guessed it.
There are lots of ideas that are still crossing my mind. Then who knows, some day you might all trust me for another term…