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It is just a game. Or is it?

Day 2,061, 23:27 Published in Spain Slovenia by manicni poet

With my last article I once again started a turmoil in the Spanish community. If you think I will apologize for my words - I won't. I told the truth. And the only fair thing to do is to explain to ordinary citizens that don't have access to government decisions, negotiations and plans, what is going on.

TWO is an alliance. Every alliance has rules and its members are called allies. Allies protect each other and they help each other. Every alliance has its arch enemy. In TWO's case it's CoT. Alliance works together to defeat the arch enemy.

For every vote and shout I will give you 200 well. Mention it in a comment.

It's just a game ... or is it?

Free food for VOTE + SHOUT

What does a member of alliance not do? It does not help the other alliance's member states against a country that is protected by other members of the alliance. It does not work for the benefits of the other alliance. Alliance functions if all members work together. If one or more members start working against it, it starts falling apart. And no alliance needs rotten apples in its ranks.

That being said I must say that I am disappointed that some Spanish players took this to a personal level. Yes I am bipolar. So what? Do I make fun of you for being an asshole? Am I not able to think properly because of this disease I have? Am I a bad person? It's not something to make fun of. If you think it is, go make fun of children with cancer and then brag about it.

This is a game, people. But some of you started mixing it with real life. Maybe you're spending too much time in front of the computer screen when you should go on a date with that cute girl you don't have the balls to speak to. Life is more than making a virtual war. But I understand, this game is a great roll play, an ego-booster if you want. Hey, you can be a president, a general, a fucking god, even if in real life you're just a nerdy 15-year old with pimples.

Do know that I have not asked to be an ambassador just to write about Spain's mistakes, I will write about the good stuff too, when it happens. But at the moment you are the pain in the ass of TWO alliance, accept it or not.



corina07 Day 2,061, 23:31

good point.

Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial
Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial Day 2,062, 09:36

do you know another thing a member of an alliance don't do?? SPREAD SHIT ABOUT HIS ALLIES, INSULT THEM, TALK BULLSHIT ABOUT THEM.

you are the worst ally EVER.

You come here, insulting us, demanding our damage. We insult you, and as good ally, we help you with our damage... and now you came here insulting us again. But its ok. You have lost Spain damage forever, and I, personaly, gonna suport all the RW against eslovenia.

Well done Slovenian heroes, you've saved the alliance, keep working on it

The good thing about all this situation is that now we know who is a true ally and who is not, and Eslovenia shows us that is absolutly not our friend

"A beast put to a corner will do anything to survive. 😉 "

s4ndu Day 2,061, 23:34

voted, you're right!

Solucionador Day 2,061, 23:53

These wrong in quite a bit but as my English is bad won't answer you to avoid misunderstandings. There are things that you randomly but in others many you're wrong

It's that these wrong say not just by the article today

A greeting

P.S.: Voted


XenthuS Day 2,062, 05:36

Your flaming campaign is as pathetic as your country.

T1M3K Day 2,062, 09:00

At least we are not standing in both sides of the line : )

XenthuS Day 2,062, 09:03

Both sides? We stand with our friends and fight for our alliance.

T1M3K Day 2,062, 09:11

so what's with chile? Argentina is pro two and you rather fight for cot...

XenthuS Day 2,062, 09:18

Argentina is nothing for TWO, Chile is our close friend but we should be drop the MPP meanwhile this absurd war keep on.

flaming campaign? we are just spreading the truth, which seems all our allies agree with.

XenthuS Day 2,062, 10:35

You havent allies, you have puppeters and the whole Serbia isnt like Hanibal.

Your fucking stupid campaign havent sense the next month.

Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial
Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial Day 2,062, 09:23

stop slovenian retardism, you need treatment

manpaspal Day 2,062, 01:15

que te pires ome, eres el peor embajador que podría tener Slovenia, un país no puede expulsar embajadores por insultar al país que se supone va a mejorar relaciones?

eh traidores, slovenia os necesita
gracias amigos españoles
porque pegáis contra argentina? traidores
y por ultimo... que solo es un juego, traidores

"And no alliance needs rotten apples in its ranks" eso es lo que intentamos nosotros, pero claro, los españoles son traidores por mantener los MPPs a pesar de estar en diferentes bandos, los que se venden por daño son lo verdaderos aliados.

mira que bien se define este argentino

mufekk Day 2,062, 01:18

...still waiting for the good stuff, espanoles...!

manpaspal Day 2,062, 01:36

Los 848 millones que España pegó por Eslovenia en Slovenian Littoral

esa fue buena?

mufekk Day 2,062, 06:01

...bravoooo, gracias ...!

XenthuS Day 2,062, 05:30

Slovenia the worst allie. Get away.

get rid of munipilative siddy and stop signing mpps with alliance enemy.

SantiagoTomasi2.0 Day 2,062, 01:47

Eso si, cuando necesite Eslovenia ayuda esperanos PEGANDO POR EL OTRO LADO, hemos pegado, os hemos salvado el culo, fuimos los unicos LOS UNICOS que apoyamos a Bielorrusia mientras vosotros apoyabais a CUA,
If Slovenia is the bitch of Serbia is not our fault, you can go to there if we are so bad person, in respect of RL, you said that we don´t have balls to speak with girls etc etc. You don´t have to pass your problems to us, if Spain hasn´t help yours you would be erased
Firmed by a son of a bitch

Avutardo Day 2,062, 02:09

LOL, he leído en diagonal y he visto nosequé de que la gente salga a la calle y folle.

Me parto el ojete.

Katy G
Katy G Day 2,062, 04:49

vote in subscribe

Baby Anna
Baby Anna Day 2,062, 04:53

v30 s606 🙂 ne rabiš nič pošiljat 😛

manicni poet
manicni poet Day 2,062, 04:59

sm že ... pošl mufekku magar

nexus2012 Day 2,062, 04:56

TWO is dead

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 2,062, 05:36

I hope what Manicni Poet wrote sticks to you. He is spot on regarding almost everyone playing this game.

Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial
Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial Day 2,062, 09:47

Good diplomacy, I see Slovenia loosing some RW in no time, keep working like that

Carolina789 Day 2,062, 05:41

It's just like real life. Why? Because I don't care about politics!

Asturiesh Day 2,062, 05:44

No merece ya la pena ni contestarte.

Ya te dejas tu solito en evidencia


Yes, yes, we are friends. Its is a game :DDDDDDDDD

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 2,062, 06:09


stone.storm Day 2,062, 06:10

v47 s609

Ramnicu Day 2,062, 06:10


twyhein Day 2,062, 06:13

vote 🙂

Giorgos Zaikos
Giorgos Zaikos Day 2,062, 06:13

Nasty, ridiculous response by Spain
eSpain showing their true colours once again

Mr Akimbo Slice
Mr Akimbo Slice Day 2,063, 15:25

Lo dice un pirata Ingles, a los que les hemos salvado el culo 2 veces. Ve con tus "amigos" argentinos, dentro de 4 dias tendreis un nuevo AS en vuestro culo, y nadie os lo quitara entonces

Giorgos Zaikos
Giorgos Zaikos Day 2,063, 16:31

u wot m8?
Speak American

Mr Akimbo Slice Day 2,063, 16:34

Comment deleted

Mr Akimbo Slice
Mr Akimbo Slice Day 2,063, 16:35

Google translate, or speak spanish

Giorgos Zaikos
Giorgos Zaikos Day 2,063, 17:09

hail Argentina \o/
hail UK \o/
fail Spain

S C O R P I Day 2,062, 06:20

V 52 - S 610 & Shout

Land of Love
Land of Love Day 2,062, 06:30

vote 55 -sub 611

Kia 70
Kia 70 Day 2,062, 06:55


El Repeinado
El Repeinado Day 2,062, 06:56

Parece que los slovenos están bastante butthurt por que no aceptamos a su chupi amigo argentina a la damagehook xD.

Esto está tomando dimensiones épicas 😮.

krasevec Day 2,062, 07:15

Comment deleted

Neospa Day 2,063, 09:51

Go, do it, come on

krasevec Day 2,063, 23:42

you are still in twa!

AMONRAII Day 2,063, 15:15

no teneis cojones.

Sith_Guardian Day 2,063, 23:28

se va a abe un follon que no sa ni ande sa metio

Od Popaj Maliot
Od Popaj Maliot Day 2,062, 07:22

v62 & sub612

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