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Istun siin kuuse otsas.

Day 1,849, 11:20 Published in Estonia Estonia by Lohken

Ei tahtnud need poolakad mind endale.
Nii et istun ikka siin eestis.
midagi muutunud ka on? kuidas selle EDEN-iga jääb? COT-iga?



Joonas Uss
Joonas Uss Day 1,849, 11:56

Eden net, cot probably net.

Mixliarder Day 1,849, 16:19

Going to EDEN is a betrayal. No way. Estonia in EDEN = total surrender. Do you want to surrender?

Estonia can join CoT. And... maybe change its AGAIN inactive president : C

Viskaja Day 1,850, 01:35

Who exactly would we be betraying? All those allies who helped us yesterday in Lõuna-Eesti? All I saw was few MU's and tanks that were hired using regular citizens money. Of course eEesti isn't going to join EDEN, but if we did, we would win more than we'd lose.

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