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Issue 10 - Design Rehaul

Day 831, 07:22 Published in Austria United Kingdom by Thomas765

Issue 10 - Sunday - 28th February 2010 - Day 831
Ausgabe 10 - Sonntag - 28. Februar 2010 - Tag 831

Today we have changed the look of our newspaper, previously the designs for "German News", "French News" and what not weren't that good but now they've been rehauled. I have so far only done the "Austrian News" and "German News" titles but some more will most likely follow.

Ultimately Germany is faced with some of the strongest nations when trying to get its original regions back. The original German territories have been grasped by Spain, Poland and Norway. These are the reasons why resistance forces don't stand a chance really. Many people admire the German courage to bring back Germany to her former glory but it's coming to no avail. What German regions have to do is to work together and try to get all of her regions back, otherwise the attempts will be a pointless waste of time, gold and effort.

Germany may also want to request the help of her allies to obtain all or most of the original German regions. It's like a divide and conquer of Germany, just like after World War II - where British, French, Russian and American forces quartered Germany into 'bits'.

Save Germany from this mess.

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Saalko Day 831, 14:41

Schweden nicht Norwegen.

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