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Israelis split on Options In Israeli-Serb War

Day 1,865, 07:42 Published in Israel Israel by Yigal Ha Kohen

Israelis split on Options In Israeli-Serb War

Debate has sprung up and is not even without armed conflict. A special-ops resistance movement has sprung up in Al-Jawf in the hopes that despite it would becoming a hostile territory to Israel, would be a better alternative than allowing Serbia to grasp it.

This would cut Israel's supply of aluminum off however. Many say that the country should fight on. Yet, with few allies against those of Serbia, it is doubtful that the country could combat the problem. Political analysts say that a majority of Israelis may have to accept Serbian Control for the time being.

This has in addition, raised the question of Turkey. There is talk of Turkish sabotage in Israel as well as the alliance with Israel due to expire soon. If Turkey does not stay an ally, or if the nation is invaded, it may not matter if the Northern Borders are cut off from Israel Proper itself.

Despite this, plans are in the process of Government Offices and Agencies being relocated to the Northern Borders Territory of Northern Saudi Arabia.

Citizens are demanding many answers to questions. What happened to the alliances? How and why did Serbia and Israel become natural enemies to the point the nation is being occupied?

The nation is split.

Yigal of the Haifa Tomer Times, Reporting from Al-Jawf

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nickimicalmisoc Day 1,865, 07:43

v+s first good job

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