Day 457, 08:32 Published in Israel Israel by Yoel ben Shalom
Dear eIsraelis and friends of eIsraelis!
As you probably know by now, the resistance in North District succeeded. Right now we are a single-region country for the first time in months. One region is not that much, but it is fairly one good start. As we gaze into the future we have a lot of obstacles to overcome. First, we need to remain peace and rebuild our country. We also need to secure the borders and to get the infrastructure running. It's a long way left, but we shall overcome it.

And to all who fought for us and supported us - you must know that your actions are sincerely appreciated. I have donated some gold to some fighters, unfortunately I have nothing less to donate.

I wish my new country all the luck that it can get and I hope that we will continue to receive support from around the globe!

/Y. Shalom, Day 457, North District, eISRAEL