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Isn't it obvious #1

Day 1,507, 16:07 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by naxhi26

Hello kiwis and welcome to my special Isn't it Obvious, a section of my newspaper that focus on... Well, the OBVIOUS. So let's start today with something everyone is probably sick of already, the war.

So let me level with yins for a sec, ONE is loosing.... Badly. It is ashame that we were winning, and now we are struggling to maintain our power. So what really actually happened and why we might be loosing now.

Back last summer we were dominating this world. Serbia was the largest country on the map dominating eastern Europe, while Poland was dominating the west. Iran and Macedonia were taking control of the middle east, and Indonesia was taking the pacific. Then started the invasion of china and Russia. Serbia was going strong, and I'm sure everyone will agree with me, but Serbia got a little greedy to take china. Then came over 20 resistances, in places like Bosnia, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, and Romania. Then china resisted. Now we are cornered, with china taking Indonesia, romania and Bulgaria attacking Serbia, and it was kinda cruel, but Albania, a new country, was immediately taken by Serbia. Then it got worst, turkey actually betrayed us and took Iran over. Most people wonder, how will this affect use? Well if the main powers are gone, or ONE surrenders, we suffer the same affects for being ascoiated with ONE. So that's why I STRONGLY support the idea to have alliance talks with chile and australia. So this is obvious for most people, but give your opinion below, right I comment, or just vote. And remember, subscribe!



Oboacer Day 1,507, 21:23

An alliance with Australia might be possible but could cause some issues with our ally Indonesia, so we need to move carefully on that front.

Chile is a whole other matter, they are formally aligned with Terra and have strong ties with Argentina, which does not like us since our last war.

Oboacer Day 1,507, 21:25

Oh and I voted and sub!

Shuffling9 Day 1,508, 04:32

when the ship sinks,mouses run first ....

MjoyReborn and Shuffling9 ....

GGY128 Day 1,508, 09:46

obacer you really think that we chileans have strong ties with argentina LOL GOOD JOKE xd

Oboacer Day 1,508, 10:32

I don't assume you actually have strong ties with them but ever time we have attempted a TW with you guys, Argentina is quick to jump in and shake things up (and not in a good way).

So we simply wary, I guess you could say we assume your close geography as being "strong ties". Although if you would like to enlighten us on this relationship that would be most appreciated.

naxhi26 Day 1,508, 12:13

Okay guys I will not have inter country arguing in the comments of my newspaper OK??

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