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Is Bulgaria a fair shot?

Day 1,839, 17:46 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Israel by Newellington

It is the opinion of the Newellington Herald that our neighboring districts of Sofia and Thrace in Bulgaria are full of prosperous opportunity. Macedonia recently conquered the Abruzzo district of Italy, which is further away from any of our other districts, so attempting to conquer either of these isn't too long of a shot.

Newellington has sent a message to the president of Macedonia requesting action on this matter. Once we finish the battles that are presently being fought to take our own land and for us to take more land, we are able to start other battles. It is the opinion of the Newellington Herald that one of these battles should be in Sofia, and another in Thrace. If you agree with this idea, please click the "vote" button at the top of the article so the President can get a fair count.




Manu Cab
Manu Cab Day 1,842, 13:12

Send MPP to Argentina xD. Good luck in your campaigns!

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