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Iron and Wine: getting stronger!

Day 1,917, 00:48 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by james janeway

In the last elections i was chosen for party president. I was the only candidate and it is great - that despite of that - a lot of the partymembers have voted.
Thank you for your support!

A lot of parties had a difficult time in the last months, but Iron and Wine is very stabil and .. growing.

That is not a surprice. We are the only realy right party in the Enetherlands!
(i do not say the other parties are bad, but we are better.)

Tomorrow i made Odan, our previous leader, vice president. Thank you Odan, for leading our party! Now is time to grow further.
Join this old AND new party. A lot of experience, but also new and fresh members with good ideas!

James Janeway.
Partyleader Iron and Wine.



Grandmaster Ymir
Grandmaster Ymir Day 1,917, 08:52

This is a fantastic party, over 50% of all country presidents of eNetherlands came from this party!

ElGorro Day 1,917, 09:12

Comment deleted

ElGorro Day 1,917, 09:15

Not completly true. it's less than 50%. Last time was in June (Remember? ; -) ) but eNL didnt even think it was worth mentioning on the Wiki:

Kordak Day 1,917, 10:51

Looks like you are not right (; Wordjokes hehe..

Kazziman Day 1,918, 23:23

Great Iron and Wine propaganda! Good luck better party, but hey, you may be better, but we are the best ^^

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