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Iron & Wine, growing, but...

Day 1,879, 03:12 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by james janeway

Since i became president of Iron and Wine the party has grown a little. We started with 28 members. Now we have 30. Nice, but..

Not enough..

I have to admit that i had expected more in the last few weeks. It is true, it are weeks with holidays and Christmas, so it was perhaps not the best time to try to make the party stronger and larger.
And.. There started a new party, that got members from the others, so some parties lost members. (We lost nobody and that's the reason why I en W became the 3e instead of the 5e party of the nation.)


Not enough..
I think Iron and Wine has to win back the strong position that it had once. And i belief that is possible. We are the only large center right party, so everyone that in RL supports VVD,CDA,PVV,D66,CU,SGP,50PLUS should become a Iron and wine man or woman!.

(And if you support PVDA, GL, SP, you are also welcome offcourse, becourse Erepublic politics are so differend)

So, please become a member of this democratic strong party. A party were the members are in charge!

Together we are strong!

James Janeway
partyleader Iron and Wine.



Kordak Day 1,879, 03:50

As democratic as the PVV? That sounds good.. Just kidding, good luck! 😉

james janeway
james janeway Day 1,879, 04:12

Hallo Kordak: much, much, much more democratic than PVV and all the other parties !

djirtsdew Day 1,879, 04:19

Well, obviously the political landscape is not a 1-dimensional line. Apart from progressive/conservative (left/right) there is for instance the distinction between libertarian/authoritarian.

If you want to classify Dutch politics, maybe left-right is not applicable anymore. The following picture distinguishes viewpoints on globalisation and socio-economical viewpoints:

If you would want to convert this to useful eRep politics, the globalisation aspect could be converted to how pro-alliance (TEDEN or CoTWO) a party is, and the socio-economical viewpoints could be mapped to for example how much new players should be sponsored by the state, how much taxes there should be, etc.

That would be a much better way to classify, and actually shows that eRep politics can be quite similar.

djirtsdew Day 1,879, 04:21

And DemNL by the way is one of the most democratic parties in-game, so don't claim I&W is much more democratic without any support.

james janeway
james janeway Day 1,879, 05:32

Ik claimed it is more democratic than all parties in RL ...

Gwom Day 1,879, 08:10

@djirtdew: "And DemNL by the way is one of the most democratic parties in-game, so don't claim I&W is much more democratic without any support." Why is DemNL more democratic than other parties?

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,879, 11:39

Well everyones party numbers aren't that great and its because we don't have many new citizens..if we were on the map we would be able to grow but we can't atm.

Viglius Day 1,879, 12:49

@Gwom: Because it's in our name! ^^ I think all parties are democratic in this game. I think this country needs a relatively strong (centre) right party. Just not too strong. ^^ Good luck, James!

Kixtart Day 1,879, 14:37

Lets make 1 party and use crappy takeovers 😛 The end result is to kick peoples butt as a group!!!

Mattio Day 1,879, 14:47

Grappig, nog steeds dezelfde mensen... :^^

Sollam Day 1,880, 04:15

Comment deleted

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,880, 19:42

@Mattio; wil je zeggen dat Kordak, james en Gwom multies zijn?!

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