Iran officially leaves Phoenix

Day 1,138, 23:10 Published in Iran Serbia by Ministry of Foreign Affairs IR

Dear citizens of new world

Today is the day, our congress has approved that we should leave Phoenix. Well, it was not an easy decision. It's been a long time that our country has been experiencing ambivalent feelings toward the phoenix. We have been one of the founder members of alliance and our brothers in Phoenix have been our allies for a long time, but we've recently been feeling that the meaning of alliance, sacrificing and thinking of greater goals have been forgotten in Phoenix.

We, people of Iran, feel that we've done what was necessary to keep the alliance go on, But it isn't enough since we have not felt this in most of other allies for a long time. Anyway we are not going to criticize the current situation like it has never been our fault, we think every person has the right to mistake; the important thing is to keep the ratio of person/mistake the lowest possible.

We would like to thank all of allies in Phoenix, The total idea of fighting against any of our brothers in PEACE GC/Phoenix will almost be impossible for us, we've tasted the victory and loss while we've been in Phoenix and we really appreciate our brothers' efforts to help our country, But we think that it's time to start a new road and find our own way.

So hereby, government of Iran officially declares quitting Phoenix; our country will have a neutral position until further notice. Let's hope a brighter future will be expecting all of us.

Again we would like to thank all of our allies for everything.

Hail Iran

Hail Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Estonia, France, Hungary, Portugal, Russia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Turkey, Macedonia, Monte Negro, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Serbia, Indonesia, United Kingdom.


Iran's CP

Ramsin Aghasi

Iran's MoFA

On behalf of Iranian nation