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Invitation to the Coronation of the Queen of the Islands of the Philippines

Day 1,873, 08:40 Published in Philippines Philippines by Vincenzo Roque


Since 2010, many eFilipinos were already planning on creating a Monarchy in ePhilippines. Unfortunately, none yet succeeded in doing so. Not until now!

During the past 3 months, some of us were busy in establishing a monarchy. First, we created and agreed upon the rules, then we gathered members (list below) and ranked them, then finally, we picked our head, our queen, finishing just a few hours ago.

So, we want to invite everyone, to join us in the coronation of Her Majesty Queen kadayao, 1st Head of the Royal Family of the Philippine Islands that will also mark the beginning of the reign of the Monarchy, happening in the ePhilippine channel in Rizon, at 06:00 Day 1879 (January 11, 2013) erep time.

The Office of the Royal Scribe
Grand Duke Boy Pick Up of the House of Visayas,
Grand Duke Lacon Yan of the House of Luzon,
Duke BasilanWhiteDevil of the House of Mindanao,
Duke Vincenzo Roque of the House of Palawan

(If you have questions, you can contact us.)

The Members of the Royal Family
Grand Duke Prince Terence II of the House of Mindanao
Duke Al Raposas of the House of Luzon
Duke Aurum Draconis of the House of Visayas
Duke DragoonXRyu of the House of Palawan
President and Duke John Jurassic of the House of Luzon
Duke KardingSungkit of the House of Luzon
Duke kdblitz of the House of Luzon
Duchess Liana Paldrov of the House of Palawan
Baron Benedicto Powerlover of the House of Palawan
Baron PogiProf of the House of Luzon

(If you want to join, contact any of the Royal Scribes and you'll be evaluated.)


EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,873, 09:41


Prince Terence II
Prince Terence II Day 1,873, 10:39

All are required to come... or else, face our wrath.

All hail the Queen!

Aurum Draconis
Aurum Draconis Day 1,873, 12:20


Marcial Cachofa
Marcial Cachofa Day 1,873, 13:04

Larga vida a la Reina.

BasilanWhiteDevil Day 1,873, 17:12


Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,874, 23:12


mhifzan Day 1,874, 00:35

haha xD

Al Raposas
Al Raposas Day 1,874, 06:41

dapat may anthem na rin ang queen. XD

Wilhelm Fink.
Wilhelm Fink. Day 1,874, 06:58

vote, I'll be there 🙂

BlackMarket 023
BlackMarket 023 Day 1,874, 07:21

All hail Lelouch?

Metanoia Antoine
Metanoia Antoine Day 1,875, 03:26

Will these help us win the battle against the Spanish invaders? The Monarchy must know our situation right now?
After the Coronation. We need to reclaim the whole of the Philippine Islands!

All Hail The Lamb of God!

Benedicto Powerlover
Benedicto Powerlover Day 1,875, 13:00

Long Live the Queen!

Rythen Seraphwings
Rythen Seraphwings Day 1,876, 06:36

I hope this will be the 1st step of ePHin being one of the strongest eCountry ever stood...

Rythen Seraphwings
Rythen Seraphwings Day 1,876, 06:38

Oh I forgot....

Long Live The Queen!!!

Jrevealed Day 1,921, 00:15

What if I make an anthem for the queen I'm a composer.. can I be Duke or somethin'?

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