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Day 538, 15:59 Published in Ireland Ireland by binksy

Hello people
I have just been appointed to this position

I will be publishing 3 articles as well as worrking on a Q and A basis.
Im always around so if u have a proplem dont hesitate to ask.

Btw alot of credit for the articles will be due to starks

Thank you for your time




Niall-H Day 538, 16:23

Im looking forward to them.

franke 356
franke 356 Day 538, 16:58

Q. who am i.?

binksy Day 538, 17:21

lol your franke 356 the one who tryed to sell Ireland

Irasian Day 538, 18:50

good job on getting the position mate. I am looking forward to your articles.

Severin Day 539, 04:29

Congratulations, I am confident you'll do a good job.

James Campbell
James Campbell Day 539, 05:13

High marks for naivity and "can do" attitude. Low marks for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammer. Below is a corrected version of this article:

[Dear Sirs/Madams, (Fellow Citizens, to whom it may concern, etc. But not dear people)

I have just been appointed to the position of Minister of New Citizens.

I will be publishing a total of 3 articles as well as working on a Q and A basis. I'm always around so if you have a proplem please don't hesitate to ask.

Btw, a lot of credit for the articles will go to Starks.

Thank you for your time.]

Oh and just to clarify, I will be grading your submissions. The Grading system I shall use will go from A* throught to F. I have decided to award this article with an E+. Congratulations!

Mannimarco Day 539, 05:21

You spelled "Problem" wrong, James.

binksy Day 539, 05:23

@James Campbell
Well if u have nothing better to do then go ahead
However i have my reasons and dont feel the need to explain myself to you
So thank you for your .......constructive comment


Mannimarco Day 539, 05:23

And I rate your post F- for jackassery and bullying.

binksy Day 539, 05:26

nicely done manni

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 539, 06:34

naivity = naivety
grammer = grammar
proplem = problem
punctuation = sadly absent

Give Binksy a break and let him work away in his own style. By the way, I've expelled you from the teaching board for general ineptitude and bullying behaviour to students. Grade that however you like.

@ Binksy, Manni's in a nice supportive mood today too. Aaah, we're all so protective of you.....sweet.

Niall-H Day 539, 07:12

@ James you are the ORIGINAL FECKTARD. Next time say something constructive or nothing at all.

binksy Day 539, 08:33

thanks people
and grannie you have made my day

niall nice i like it

James Campbell
James Campbell Day 539, 12:25

Wrt "Proplems" that was binksy's spelling, sometimes the marker gets it wrong slightly. Secondly what I was doing should be considered constructive, so don't call me a fecktard again you little asswipe. What punctuation is absent? Where? Also, I didn't even know I was part of the teaching board. I still don't know what that even is. So as a punishment I would have to grade it with a E-, since you mention it.

Anyway I knew what I was doing was wrong. I'd do it again too. I wouldn't have a problem if he made an effort to correct his language deficiencies (and cut his hair). Sure it backfired due to my retardations as referenced. But screw it I was up all night studying, whereas he sounds like a muppet 24/7.

To conclude, go chomp on a fat one.

Kindest regards,


Ian Arb
Ian Arb Day 539, 13:48

@james: Well done you got your first A+

binksy Day 539, 14:03

well for one james thank you for being civil
yes il admit my spelling and grammar are not the best the reason for this being to much texting and hating typing on a laptop
as for the hair (get ur hair cut ya hippy ) might serve ya better in future


James Campbell
James Campbell Day 540, 04:04

@ian: Ha thanks, its fun to play teacher eh

@binksy: I didn't think I was being civil at all.
1. I told you to cut your hair (which has nothing to do with me)
2. I said you were a Muppet
3. I told everyone addressed in the letter to go chomp on a fat one (IE a penis).

Sometimes I feel like we are from two different worlds binksy

J Fitz
J Fitz Day 540, 04:29

@james: obviously binksy was bein sarcastic ya clown

James Campbell
James Campbell Day 540, 04:52

I don't see it.

Look at the state of your head, you clown

Niall-H Day 540, 08:59

Actually James if you want to talk about grammar, your grammar is appalling for someone who is trying to look smart. According to the dictionary "Asswipe" isn't a word so next time you try and correct someone else's spellings try and make sure yours are perfect or you will look like a fag.

Oh sorry you are one anyway.

Nicest Regards


* Before you correct me "Fag" is a word in the dictionary meaning bundle of twigs.

Frederick the Great
Frederick the Great Day 540, 09:58

This is why I hate all humans: we're always dividing and fighting using any excuse whatsoever. Lads for feck sake is it possible to go a day without a flame battle?

binksy Day 540, 10:04

thas it niall-H beat comback of today
well done

Sherbert Ninja
Sherbert Ninja Day 540, 13:46

This is HI-LARIOUS!!!

Frommfilm Day 540, 15:06

"This is why I hate all humans"
...Er, do we have an alien in our midst?

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