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Introducing a Brand New MASSIVE Alliance

Day 1,837, 08:45 Published in South Africa Belgium by OKayOK

According to a study performed by Dr Richard Lynn, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Ulster University, conducted amongst 113 nationalities {READ MORE}, we now have an average penis size per nationality. This has HUGE implications in the game and I expect BIG wave.

What was MASSIVELY intriguing to me was that out of the BIG list, South Africa came in 7th. Here is the list, all sizes are in Centimeters:

Republic of Congo, 18
Ecuador, 17.7
Ghana, 17.2
Colombia 17
Iceland 16.5
Italy 15.7
South Africa 15.2
Sweden 14.9
Greece 14.7
Germany 14.4
New Zealand 13.9
UK 13.9
Canada 13.9
Spain 13.9
France 13.4
Australia 13.2
Russia 13.2
USA 12.9
Ireland 12.7
Romania 12.7
China 10.9
India 10
Thailand 10
South Korea 9.6
North Korea 9.6

I have striked out all countries I do not think are in the game.

Introducing a Brand New MASSIVE Alliance:

I propose the creation of an alliance called The Massive Seven Team. It will consist of the following nations:

- Colombia
- Italy
- South Africa
- Sweden
- Greece
- Germany
- New Zealand

Our BIG assets will be our swords, We will shoot from the hip, and only hope that the rest of the world can survive the MASSIVE load we will put on them (Political, military and financially). We will be COCKY, brash and we will never apologize for the sticky handshakes. We are cuming to your neighborhood soon!



Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,837, 08:51

hahaha I have seen some incredibly wrong articles in my time... voting 🙂

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,837, 08:57

though list making was selective,where are the other countries?

WastelandENT Day 1,837, 09:14

lol voted!

TNT Toll Road
TNT Toll Road Day 1,837, 09:36

lol wtf

Badger06 Day 1,837, 09:44

Rico and Loco are not going to like this 0.3 cm ha ha

Merle Corey
Merle Corey Day 1,837, 09:49

thailand is actually in the game. otherwise, voted for originality 🙂

OKayOK Day 1,837, 09:50

Fixed Merle

Alfredo The Sauce
Alfredo The Sauce Day 1,837, 10:31

This is a good idea, lets get working on it!

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,837, 11:08

@Badger: We're furious at the same time we're glad we're not Koreans.

e-petros Day 1,837, 11:10

lol xD

As a former eGreek ambassador to eSA I will forward your proposal with my endorsement xD

Ethan Seelowe
Ethan Seelowe Day 1,837, 11:11

what has been seen...

panos323 Day 1,837, 11:12

South Korea 9.6 its ok
North Korea 9.6? capitalist propaganda:P

Black Sonia
Black Sonia Day 1,837, 11:13

i'm in!!

kwstarikos Day 1,837, 11:14

Where is FYROV???x0a0x0a0xa0x0a0x0a

Cotarius Day 1,837, 11:15

Lol v+s

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,837, 11:18


Thersitis Day 1,837, 11:45

hard voted

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,837, 12:25

Best article EVER!

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 1,837, 12:34


This is genius!

Animis Day 1,837, 12:37

Calling Travel Agent!

Rexdeus Day 1,837, 13:11

yep, a lot of big dick heads in South Africa.

maniataki Day 1,837, 13:36

my pennis is 19 cm and i am from greece...

Pasok na goustaroume
Pasok na goustaroume Day 1,837, 13:38


Black Sonia
Black Sonia Day 1,837, 13:38

σίγα ,κουκλίτσα μου....19 πόντοι...
από που τους μετράς από τον σβέρκο??

roboz Day 1,837, 13:39

How would they know North Korea? I doubt they were able to go there and measure peoples dicks.....

Incc Day 1,837, 13:45

maniataki....they have no clue of a Ni's pennis...Ni!
also voted...hahahaha

stroumfita4 Day 1,837, 13:47

so hart so puss it babe

Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis
Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis Day 1,837, 13:50

το μανιατακι λεει αληθεια.

Mr. Wet
Mr. Wet Day 1,837, 14:17

this won't work. The smaller dicked countries will spend way more gold to over compensate and win.

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,837, 14:46

Big ups to Wet for breaking the gibberish combo!

kuckuck Day 1,837, 15:36


Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,837, 17:07


Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,837, 22:46

wow haha voted

Gambit LeBeau
Gambit LeBeau Day 1,838, 23:37


El Senso
El Senso Day 1,838, 01:31

: D

Binda33 Day 1,838, 02:14

I'm glad to hear that Australia isn't too shabby on that list. : D

yuvy15 Day 1,838, 04:01

where are other eRep countries?

marabou14 Day 1,838, 05:19

καταλάβατε ο phillip επιβεβαιώνει γιατί ξέρει από πρώτο χέρι 😉

maniataki Day 1,838, 08:31

κυριολεκτικα ξερει απο πρωτο χερι, και μαλιστα το δεξι.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,838, 18:56

Now we are getting to the root of the problems

Thedillpickl Day 1,838, 19:02

I was terribly intimidated until I read that measurement was in centimeters and not inches. 😃:D

SlapHappee Day 1,838, 19:46

So that's why North Korea is so pissed at the rest of the world.

redbirdusa Day 1,838, 19:57


MaryamQ Day 1,838, 20:15

/me starts planning her agenda for a BIG diplomatic tour

AppleMan Day 1,838, 20:29

lol, sorry Asians

Don Vin
Don Vin Day 1,839, 00:06

Shit i know i had congo blood in me

it like walking around with a bazuka booster

StrongGrekk Day 1,839, 00:41

i agree with you v+niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,839, 03:13

I sense a lot of nervous males around here....
The girls are only giggling.
We are.

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