Interview with Wander_Forward Indonesian President, Green tea secret to success?

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Interview with Wander_Forward President of eIndonesia
Had a short window in which to interview wander and so ofcourse took that time to ask him his favourite ice cream, (read further for details!)

what do you like best about erepublik?

the best thing i love here is the community, and how everything is regulated by human interaction
no AI, so it feels so real

you speak english better than i do is that the norm in indonesia these days?

nope, but indonesian speak english excellently
and I am a writer, so ... well, that's a given.

what would you say is the general feelings about eAustralia in eIndonesia?

most people desired to be friend with eAustralia after so long of a relationship
but the sudden eden paranoia amongst australians who chose eden mpp, suddenly clouded the relationship particularly after wonder forward being lied by patti11 in WA release
if there wasn't any friendship, we would have attacked Australia,
that is the general mood

Do you think under different eAustralian leadership that cloud will slowly lift?

Yes, I believe in cerri and her judgment, much better than patti11.
the way patti11 did business will destroy australia
cerri and I tried to mend relationship and salvage australia before second invasion came
you all just can't depend on eden subsidy forever, and indonesia merely wanted a good neighbour and continuation of airra agreement

With the cost of mmps going up soon do you feel that peace and eden will be less of a concern?

unfortunately not, peace and eden will still be major powers
the geopolitic earthquake will only occur, on small countries
which seek protection under the two main alliances, mainly SOL

indeed, so back to the broken promises, is it true that indonesia discussed an NAP with eaus based on the purchase of eindo companies out of WA?

Yes, that’s true
Well, there are hundreds of Indonesian companies in WA

I don’t think many Australians knew that, on a lighter topic
in my last interview I asked cerri what her favourite flavoured ice creams…

oh, what flavour?

I believe she liked peanut butter as well as rum and raisin

I love green tea and chocolate flavour

(Does no one love cookies and cream?)
ok, so i think i'll wrap this one up, but just out of interest, if you were eAustralian, which party do you think you would join and why?

well, I wouldn't join patti11 party
I would seek ranger bob or cerri's party
since they are the rational one right now
others only think of short-term safety
and they would be the one who brought australia to her demise...

would you call your party left wing or right?

Right wing

teramakasi wander for your time.

thank you very much as well

P.S. does it make me look stupid that I said one word in indonesian in that entire interview, and he spoke english better than I did?
P.P.S sorry no ePope this time...