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Interview with Valentyme eNZ's CP [Da Dottore] Амбасадор во еНов Зеланд

Day 1,791, 05:31 Published in New Zealand Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Da Dottore
Da Dottore Cronicles

Kia Ora Македонијо,

Во продолзение мозе да прочитате интервју со Valentyme, ех-претседател на еНов Зеланд, мој пријател и еден од највлијателните луѓе во еНов Зеланд.
Интервјуто ке биде на англиски, а за сите оние кои не разбираат постои Google translate.

Da Dottore: We’ve met a year ago, when you invited me it to your MU, and since then you became one of my best eRep friends. From the start I’ve noticed your passion for this game. How did it all start?

Valentyme: I think it all started when a friend from a forum I used to visit invited me to eRep so he could get the gold bonus of having friends. I don’t think many people stay when they are invited, but for some reason I did. I think a lot of it had to do with already being familiar with irc. I instantly got on the New Zealand irc channels and began to meet really awesome people. I think my number 1 biggest influence in this game has been CrusaderCarl. I think he is the type of player and type of kiwi that everyone in New Zealand should aspire to be. He likes winning battles, chatting on irc and all the while having a blast while doing it. What I’ve taken from him I want to share with the next generation of kiwis, whether that is through my military units, through the political party I am a part of or even just through the general government roles I’ve been apart of.

Da Dottore: Your eRepublik birthday is May 25, 2011, and you are two days younger than me 🙂. Your experience level is 54, national rank: 3, strength: over 26 000, and you are GoW*, but are not as some like to call themselves an old player, is it down to enthusiasm or is it down to buying Plato’s gold ? How did you advance so quickly?

Valentyme: I think its down to both enthusiasm and buying gold. The main reason I buy gold is for the success of New Zealand though, not just to gain levels faster, train fully etc. I think the most gold I’ve bought was during Sor3na’s presidency when the country accounts were low and I ended up spending 300+ gold on just buying damage to win several campaigns. I also have bought gold specifically to tank for New Zealand to help win/try to win crucial battles. I think the number 1 reason for myself advancing so quickly is that I am a competitive person, I like to excel quickly and to beat oponents. Also something that helped motivate me was before the divisions were created, low level players didn’t contribute much to battles, and that is something I always hated. I made it my goal to excel as quickly as possible so I could help New Zealand militarily, which I think looking from my TP record, you can see that I have done that. I have also made it my goal, along with lots of people from the DWG to waste as little as possible of my daily ffs potential, I tend to always fight/work at the same times so I use close to maximum of my total ffs per day, and for anyone wanting to progress quickly, that’s the way to go.

Da Dottore: In a year and a half you were 7 times congress member, MoD 5 times, EPIC representative once, and PnPP Party President 5 times. What took you so long to run for CP? Why now?

Valentyme: I’ve always known I wanted to be CP some day, but the problem with being CP is finding the time to do it. For me its a lot more than just about a medal. I think whoever is CP should only run if they can be devoted to doing a good job, that means finding the time to do it. The last year or so I’ve been quite busy at school and for the last 4 months I’ve been on a study abroad so that’s taken quite a bit of my time up, but being in New Zealand has also given me a chance to be in a better time zone to run this nation. I can stay up later till the rest of the country wakes up, whereas before, I was going to sleep very late at night just as the rest of the nation woke up. So that month provided me with the perfect opportunity to run. I felt that I could give a lot of my time to running the nation and to make this job a priority for a month.

Da Dottore: During your first days as CP when you needed the most the help from your cabinet and e-friends, your VP’s account got hacked.

Valentyme: This is a terrible thing to happen to my Vice President. He was not jsut my VP, but also one of my best mates on this game. We’ve had some really great times together defending New Zealand on the battle field and running the country as arguably one of the best cp/vp teams NZ has ever seen during his administration. It is a shame that he has lost his account, but I wish him the best and want him to know he will be remembered.
Da Dottore:Too bad about Sor3na aka E.L.E.A.N.O.R. he’s a great guy.

Da Dottore: How can you describe the situation in eNZ?

Valentyme: I think that our strongest MPPs our with Chile, Bulgaria, Serbia, Indonesia and Macedonia. I see these countries often fighting for us, especially Chile. A lot of the other CoT nations are quite supportive as well, they just have a lot less to give in the way of damage, because they are small like ourselves and/or they are currently engaged in war with various nations. For the future I’d like to see even nations such as Russia and Canada form closer relations with eNew Zealand and CoT. I feel this nations have all been slightly disregarded by their current allies and its time to look for new ones and they should all be dominating the world in their specific regions. It’s time for Eden to collapse and for the fight against CTRL to begin.

Da Dottore: ...and eMacedonia-eNewZealand relations?

Valentyme: I have been honored to know three different Macedonians during my time, Da Dottore aka Macedonian X, RomantichaR, and Zaxo. All three have fought hard for this nation, and I have enjoyed spending/chatting with them on IRC in my MU’s channel. I feel that they are great representatives of Macedonia, and if all/most Macedonians are like them I would like to see better ties made with this country.

Da Dottore: For the end your message to the eMacedonian people?

Valentyme: To the Macedonian people I would like to say thank you for showing the rest of the ex-ONE countries how to fight. You’ve taken on countries all across the Mediterranean, and even fought against the forces CTRL, which takes real balls. I would like to say continue doing what you do best, make your enemies fear your name, and continue to dominate the Mediterranean region.



Da Dottore
Da Dottore Day 1,791, 05:32

Амбасадор во еНов Зеланд [Da Dottore]
Интервју со Valentyme CP на Нов Зеланд

CHIVAREGALSR Day 1,791, 05:38


DarkoDimovski1 Day 1,791, 05:50

Great interview. o7

AdMiRaL TrEnCh
AdMiRaL TrEnCh Day 1,791, 07:38


augustodark Day 1,791, 08:06


TomiDam Day 1,791, 08:56

Bravo za statijata.


RomantichaR Day 1,791, 10:29

o/ mates!

Crusadercarl Day 1,791, 17:44

"I think my number 1 biggest influence in this game has been CrusaderCarl. I think he is the type of player and type of kiwi that everyone in New Zealand should aspire to be."

The Presidency has obviously made him mentally unstable.


Gael Cavannari
Gael Cavannari Day 1,791, 22:58


Cp6cku Xepoj
Cp6cku Xepoj Day 1,792, 03:29


EternalLightStream Day 1,792, 07:36

i dont trust current CP,never,

jeremiasmarko Day 1,792, 10:14

hail NZ
Hail Macedonia

IlichRamirezSanchez Day 1,792, 12:45

Viva NZ & Viva Macedonia

Jelly1 Day 1,792, 17:19


Lime Parkour Flow
Lime Parkour Flow Day 1,792, 18:13

Voted and Subed. Return if possible.
Great article mate! I love this article, for its style and the information, I so meant to ask Valentyme but didn't have time to.

Thanks! Keep up the good work! 🙂

Berem Kartoni
Berem Kartoni Day 1,793, 00:09

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