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Interview with the former bulgarian vice president

Day 2,155, 10:11 Published in Hungary Hungary by Bosko Balaban
I saw NKFV, a bulgarian celebrity shouted fight for Hungary and i was surprised and shocked. I try a bulgarian government member and i found Stoich who was the vice president in last mont (2013 september).
He spoken very hard things. He spoken about admins, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Chile, Spain and other interest things.

Bosko_Balaban Hi!

Stoich Hi!

Bosko_Balaban NKFV wrote 5 minutes ago Last minutes! Push for Hungary against Romania and Ukraine!
Did you knew? Your government support this action?

Stoich We're not supporting anything in terms of the game right now, we're only helping friends and allies if they ask.

Bosko_Balaban But your country hate Ukraine and Romania who now fight against Hungary.

Stoich As long as the admins continue to be waging a war agains Bulgarian community we're going to boycott their game. Well as you can see there is Bulgarian fighting for you. We don't really have an army right now. So it's all on informal base

Bosko_Balaban Bulgaria thinking about join TWO or would be proTWO? And than crush Romania and Ukraine?

Stoich No Bulgaria is not joining TWO or being pro-TWO. Serbia backstabbed us, one time too many and we're not leaving Chile behind for no reason.

Bosko_Balaban Have we chance te repair the hun-bulgarian relationship or just try to fight against Romania?

Stoich Depends what you understand under repair?

Bosko_Balaban The hungarian people not hate or dislike Bulgaria and never fight against Bulgaria as i see and sometimes see hungarians join and fight for Bulgaria against Romania.

Stoich Yah but you keep Romania in TWO orbit, which allows it to keep the MPPs needed to keep us occupied and you're occupying Russia, one of the 3 countries in the game that Bulgaria will never abandon. So while Bulgarians generally have the same attitude towards Hungary and we only fight in the defence of Russia, we can't really do much more under the current circumstances though the admins want it very much CoT is not going to disband and we're not leaving it either.
Can I ask something frank?

Bosko_Balaban Yes ofc.

Stoich Are bonuses worth the humiliation?

Bosko_Balaban I think we could be get 9/10 bonuses more respectfully way. I can't agree with the currently hungarian strategies.

Stoich I don't see it happening to be honest, you don't have the word in TWO anymore, you're forced to look for help from a deleted Bulgaria when TWO has 2:1 damage, against an "informal" member of the alliance. 2 informal members.

Bosko_Balaban Honestly the hungarian people never support the fight against Indonesia or Macedonia and never will be accept Romania (i think).

Stoich Well that means little in the end, Romania is already TWO. You just close your eyes and pretend it's not just as Argentina.

Bosko_Balaban If Romania will be official member of TWO the hungarian players will fight against Romania with full power and soon will be impeach if my cp not resist.
My cp want Argentina join the TWO (or ACT) i don't know.

Stoich Lol official…. are you serious about that.

Bosko_Balaban I agree and i know… If Bulgaria have a chance change side maybe we can switch of Romania. I don't see too much options… but if Bulgaria want a better tomorrow than need a new plan.

Stoich No we're not leaving Chile and we're not leaving Russia and we're not leaving Macedonia.

Bosko_Balaban Try to get new countries in the CoT?

Stoich Who would you propose?

Bosko_Balaban Iran?

Stoich We all know what will happen eventually.

Bosko_Balaban Or Turkey?

Stoich It's happened before, when the admins are unable to brake down CoT they will brake down TWO. Turkey no. Iran goes with the wind, so they will not come.
What you should worry about is when the admins start dismantling TWO?

Bosko_Balaban Argentina? Spain prevent the join of TWO.

Stoich Because the way things are they're not making money and CoT is not going anywhere even if we don't have 1 region. Argentina is the main enemy of Chile, it will never be a part of CoT. Never been discussed never will be discussed damage is not above friends

Bosko_Balaban In the oldest time Argentina and Chile could to cooperate.

Stoich That was before Argentina started their crusade against Chile, wether on their own or prompted by Turkey and EDEN at the time is irrelevent.
Stoich It's a silvery of the type Hungary vs Romania, not going to go away then again you accepted them in, so who knows, but not in the near future anyway.
To be frank the one with the decision to make is Hungary and spoland
Your unnatural damage deal with Serbia and it's puppets will end one way or another, the admins can't permuted it to exist.
Or they make no money so it will be up to you to choose sides, one of these two groups will get trampled.

Bosko_Balaban It's true. I am a hungarian journalist i would like a permission to publish than "interview". Maybe this article change something.

Stoich What we talked up till now?

Bosko_Balaban My goal was originally understand why help a bulgarian for my country. Yes, when we talked now.

Stoich Well this has been rather unstructured, if you wish just ask a few questions I'll give you answers I've never shied away from saying things as they're
In the end of the day, Serbia has played it "smart" in one sense and very stupid in another
They made sure Hungary, Poland and Spain, have no access to night damage and thus keeping them dependent on Serbia while TWO exists in it's current state that is fine, however the admins will bust it up sooner rather then later as without even a semblance of balance they don't make money.
They tried to destroy CoT as the smaller alliance and easier to do so they tought
CoT is not fracturing however even if all members get deleted, so the admins will bust TWO
Which will be easy to do because well, too much of TWO is based on damage deals.
Romania will bust it up from the inside and then that dependency on Serbia for night damage, will put Hungary, Poland and Spain in the bad position, because in the end of the day TWO will fracture there and Serbia already has Greece, Romania and Argentina by proxy Turkey
While Spoland and Hungary can't have Argentina because of Spain, can't have Chile because Argentina is TWO in essence and can't have USA, for obvious reasons, nor can they have Indonesia.
Very bad move by Poland attacking Indo by the way
So when the admins bust TWO up, you'll be in the worst position of all, because Poland is isolated, Spain keeps some relations with latin american countries though they did damage them a lot and Hungary will be left on it's own.
Hungary is basically in the same position Bulgaria was in EDEN, we had to choose between our self respect or making a deal exchanging our dignity for damage.
We all know what choice Bulgaria made, Hungary and Spain also, have made the choice to take the damage.


Haszontalan pkrusi
Haszontalan pkrusi Day 2,155, 10:18

tessék szépen lefordítani
ha google fordító nem tölt be, ott a fordító csapat.

Bosko Balaban
Bosko Balaban Day 2,155, 10:19

Szándékomban áll fordításról gondoskodni.

franky88 Day 2,155, 11:08


Scat Day 2,155, 10:24

Ha múlt hónapban volt alelnök, akkor a bevezetőben nem stimmel a 2013 október dátum.

A teljes cikket majd később olvasom el, de vote ment rá.

Arrlo Day 2,155, 10:48

People are making this more complicated than it needs to be. If Hungarians are not happy with Romania being part of the TWO camp, elect a government that will deliver that message to Hungary's TWO allies. They will have to listen and stop signing MPPs with Romania.

If Hungarians are by and large happy with Romania being pro-TWO, don't be so upset when some Romanians fight against Hungary.

Shiina Sayane
Shiina Sayane Day 2,155, 10:53

CoT propaganda.

Touche Awaay
Touche Awaay Day 2,155, 10:58

hahah i loled xD

Sudoku Riba
Sudoku Riba Day 2,155, 11:13

Any country in the eWorld > Bulgaria
Keep them occupied as long as people like Stoich have influence there.

Darriel Day 2,155, 11:36

Multi much?

Sudoku Riba
Sudoku Riba Day 2,155, 12:40

Same as Stoich

Princess Aspas.BG
Princess Aspas.BG Day 2,155, 22:11

The cowardly people are those who prefer to kick a fallen man.
Be happy!

Enjoy the game and good luck!

CheDavid Day 2,155, 11:31

Hail CoT propaganda 🙂 fúj fúj TWO és hű csatlósuk kenguruland 😃

donAbadnego Day 2,155, 11:37

NKFV hatalmas arc. amikor még életre keltek (3éve?) itt nyalt nekünk, aztán átálltak a románok oldalára, fröcsögtek ellenünk. most meg megint itt nyalingerkednek.

bchon Day 2,155, 11:58

"Hungary is basically in the same position Bulgaria was in EDEN, we had to choose between our self respect or making a deal exchanging our dignity for damage." Bulgaria left an alliance because of Macedonia(FYRON), another because of Turkey. They do not accept any neighbour. You never had any self respect, so, what is the problem? You lost battles 20 MPPs vs 4 MPPs, so, no need to ask? Are you any good? Not trolling, but fighting? Your allies? What allies? You should pay at leat 1.000 gold to Romania for not extending their MPP with Ukraine. Just my 5 cents 🙂

Satir2345 Day 2,155, 22:22

wake up! no need to pay anything, just see who is the president of eRoumania and even the whole world stand against eRomania is useless xD

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,155, 23:12

And why you left EDEN and your eternal brother Croatia?

vipescu Day 2,157, 01:24

Because Hungary bent over and shown a beautiful, irresistible moon. You basically seduced Romania, you sexy peaches 🙂

Ipath Day 2,155, 12:37

4 helyes angol mondat van benne Bosko-tól, ebből 1 hosszabb mint 3 szó - na, ki találja meg?

franky88 Day 2,155, 12:58

"I agree and I know." ?
Sok csak E/3, ne köcsögölj. 😃

NightwatcherHUN Day 2,155, 19:35

Olyan rosszindulatú vagy 😃

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,155, 13:38

All these "Hail CoT propaganda" comments. Does that mean that you are afraid from it?

: )))

dDejan Day 2,155, 17:38

❤ Hungary

Lorenzo Anello
Lorenzo Anello Day 2,155, 17:48

What is this sorcery

JyM23 Day 2,155, 18:26

Comment deleted

bobo900 Day 2,155, 22:34

Now they forgot the old SERHUN friendship and want to start a new one, BULHUN.

I cannot refrain to laughing i remember 1 or 2 years ago when HU was in danger against RO they try the same old trick, large articles about BG-HU friends about they come from Asia both and should be friends, and help each other... bla bla.
In that time Serbia was gangbaned by EDEN, not a word for SERHUN in that time...


Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,155, 23:13

Cromania lol.

Imoenbg1 Day 2,156, 09:40

Pffff, quite a short memory you got..... You betrayed Greece a year ago when you entered into negotiations with Bulgaria and the leadership of the almighty Gayvas (or Greevas - let him rot in eHell for that)and you talking about friendship?

Now you hitting against a full-pledged member of TWO - "but only some of you" . Yeah, right!!!

bobo900 Day 2,157, 07:08

cry a river

Imoenbg1 Day 2,157, 09:16

Why would I cry over such a stupid thing???

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,155, 23:13

Nincs egy kisgazda se aki tud angolul?

Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Day 2,156, 05:42

This was quite an interesting conversation : )

I must admit that I miss old Hungarian&Macedonian friendship... but you can never know... o7

vipescu Day 2,157, 01:27

Oh well, the hungarians are always friendly... But they never forget to ask for the greens in the morning 🙂

embalu Day 2,157, 07:12

Former Bulgaria? 🙂

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