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Interview with the eChile Minster of Foreign Affairs

Day 1,873, 15:44 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by yurigavin

I Interviewed the eChile Minster of Foreign Affairs as part of the Ambassador Program and this is the interview, enjoy.

yurigavin: So how do you feel about the new alliance TWO?

PsyCokenin: I have the best feelings for TWO. The countries founders are great allies and friends of eChile and CoT. Specially in our war against eArgentina, when the most of those countries were in the former Alliance ONE.

I see a great future to TWO and hope we strenghten ours friendship with eChile and CoT

yurigavin: Ok, now how did you get into eRepublik at the beginning and what country were you in?

PsyCokenin: I came to eRepublik due to a friend, Cmilo who show me the game. I born in the game in October, 2010 mi nickname was cokenin. I played until march 2011. I got banned and I created a new account in June 2011 until now. I always been eChilean, but this year I tried in eArgentina and eMexico, very funny experience.

yurigavin: How was eArgentian and eMexico? and what made you go there?

PsyCokenin: In eArgentina I was after my mini-retire (quit the game 2 months) after being CP

A group of eChileans, got the Argentine citizen and we were appointed as a danger to take over the country, but actually was only to make fun of our "enemies", we wrote some articles, just messing with them.

I got a spot in the congress and my first law was a correct law, that was more disturbing to eArgentiniana, a foreign congressman but doing the right thing. Later, I gave eArg citizenship to another eChileans and friends and was there a couple of months, because a find a nice group of friends in the party BSM (who signed me as CP candidate) and the MU Guardia Armada del Profeta, I'm current Captain.

I liked the experience of being in another country, but later I wanted go to an ally country. I arrived to eMexico and joined the Partido Comunista Mexicano party, found great players with a interesting project. My intention was to stay a couple of months, but my original party, Partido Rodriguista de eChile ask me to return to the country

I hope to visit new countries, it's good experience to meet new people

yurigavin: Ok, how do you think eChile will be changed this time next year??

PsyCokenin: eChile became a great country last year, due to war against eArgentina, and several BabyBooms. However those babies now are bigger D2, D3 and even D4. We need more BabyBooms because we are loosing power in D1.

Also, we need to strenghten ours alliance CoT and build new relationships with small countries that are growing. eChile was small country in the game too and need to remember its origins.

And in long term, I think the war against Argentina has to finish eventually and find a new military target

Happy New Year !

yurigavin: Happy New Year and thank you for letting me ask you some question



mittekemuis Day 1,873, 18:28

\o/ You are going to get far in MoFa if you keep this up.

Thomas765 Day 1,873, 18:43

Voted; Nice article. Well done : )

lancer450 Day 1,873, 18:50

Voted! Nice job! : D

PsyCokenin Day 1,873, 21:24

Well done


sorry my crappy english 😛

PsyCokenin Day 1,873, 21:24

sub 9

Gorrias Day 1,873, 21:27


andreacai Day 1,873, 21:30

V y S

Fernando Pich
Fernando Pich Day 1,873, 21:32

The best wishes from the Mexican Communist Party (Partido Comunista Mexicano) PsyCokenin!

Guacolda Melian
Guacolda Melian Day 1,873, 21:44

PsyCokenin brings prosperity and happiness to the country where it goes.
PsyCokenin was blessed by the prophet

Hail PsyCokenin!

duarcari Day 1,873, 21:58


Aliss Wonder
Aliss Wonder Day 1,873, 22:14

You can come and visit eMacedonia next time 🙂
Happy holidays !!!

fenavidades Day 1,874, 23:47

No hablo ingles pero V+S

BigAnt Day 1,874, 03:44

Voted, great article!

Danilo Escopeta
Danilo Escopeta Day 1,874, 06:02

No le hago al inglish :cafe:

Mictlanteuctli Day 1,874, 06:03


donvera Day 1,874, 13:02

Chilean mofa team did an awesome job this month, congratulations!

Delete acc
Delete acc Day 1,875, 08:57

nice Юра!))

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,875, 14:40

Nice article, but using 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs' to seem official and then a TUP recruitment thing at the bottom is a little unprofessional

yurigavin Day 1,875, 14:46

Comment deleted

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