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Hello to all of my readers, i wanna say first thank you all for continue read my interviews and show me all of your support guys im very glad to see all of this. This time i bring an amazing interview with President of eFinland - Haamu who won the CP elections for this month so we all wish him the best of luck and i hope u guys will enjoy 😃

1. Hello Mr. President of eFinland - Haamu, thank you so much for agree to make this interview with me, but before we start would you agree to introduce yourself first?

Thank you. It is an honor to be part of this interview series. I am Haamu (which translates to ghost), born on Feb 4th, 2018 from the fusion of spirits of several long gone and forgotten players.

2. Can u tell us about your daily job as the CP?

I keep track of our TWs on daily basis, launch attacks if needed and inform our players where to fight. Also I discuss on daily basis with our congress and foreign leaders about current situation. I keep myself up to date and react fast if needed. Obviously I have my government to help me with these daily operations and at the moment everything is running smoothly so there is not that much to do.

3. What you love the most about eRep?

Politics and cooperation with other nations and players.

4. What you are going to change at your current term as CP?

This is my third term in a row. I did few reforms in my first term and second term. For example with the help of our congress I established weekly payment based on air fights to encourage people to get to higher air ranks. I also established TWs with Lithuania and Sweden. So, at the moment my aims is to keep us in this good position.

5. Can you tell us about your country economy and resources?

We are a small country meaning it is unlikely for us to hold high bonuses. In our cores we do have iron, oil, saltpeter, aluminium, cobalt and wolfram of which oil and saltpeter has been rented out at the moment. We think that it is better for us to concentrate on TWs and rent resources out even if it means that factories cannot be productive in our cores. It feels strange to be the president who encourage factories to leave the country but based on current game mechanics it makes sense.

6. Do you consider your country as a strong one at eRep or not and if you do would your country can stand aginst a massive attacks?

Obviously we are small and massive attack would be a problem for us. We try to keep good relations to our friends and allies. We are not hostile nation against anybody. However, we do have firepower when needed and know how to organize operations.

7. What is the hardest war you remember your country had?

This is easy. Turkey attacked us last year and ended up wiping us for months with some of it allies. This was a revenge on past action of Finland. With some allies we wiped Turkey and implemented Trade Embargo on them in the past.Fortunately this is all in the past now. We made a peace deal and our government offered apology for Turkey and as far as I consider we are now even.

8. Can you please tell us shortly about your cabinet and why do you have only Prime Minister and Foreign Minister?

Unfortunately some of my cabinet members needed a break from government position and I could not find replacements. However, we can manage with our small government since we have congress which actually makes the decision and can offer opinion and guidance for the government which then implements the decisions. Tiril (MoFA) is in charge of communication with foreign nations in my absence. Prime Minister Palotepa is in charge of everything else.

9. You are here since 2018, how do you sum up your experience so far?

It has been interesting. I have concentrated on media and politics since I realized early on that I can't do much in the battlefield without buying gold and packs. I enjoy debating political issues and want to find a compromise that the most can agree on.

10. Can you relate to the fact that eFinland have today only 279 active citizens and the numbers goes down every month?

We are certainly in a downward spiral and in fact we probably have only around 100-120 active citizen based on election votes. It is not big surprise because the fact is that we do not get many new active citizen and naturally every now and then some of the old ones decides to quit or slowly passes away. I am one of the youngest ones actively in politics. My observation is that many of the new accounts are either multies or somebody who makes an account and quits very early on.

The game is very harsh for new players. There is now way to catch the old players. Even with ridiculous amounts of real money spent the gap is too wide. Without very good guidance new player will also likely end up making wrong decision on how they spent their gold in the beginning e.g. starting holding in a territory with low bonuses or wasting money on factories that will never be profitable.

11. What do you think is the biggest problem of eWorld those days and if the community can fix it?

As said in the previous question problem is that new players don't stand a chance because mechanics of the game a partly broken in economy and war modules. The community cannot change the mechanics but we can support new players with money and try to actively engage them and get them integrated to the community. After all the community is what keeps nations and the game alive. The community can be a military unit, political party or some national/international community or whatever, it really does not matter but there needs to be a group of players that makes the game meaningful for the player.

12. If you could change ANY THING in this game tell us 1 things you were pick to change and why?

I would change the mechanics so that individual tanks could not dominate the battlefield. I realize that this is not easy to do and I have no concrete suggestion. Also this game needs to be profitable so they need to sell gold or something. There should be better balance though.

13. Before we end, do you have any message you want to say?

I wish everybody tries to enjoy the game and find their own way of playing. Although some of my views might be critical and negative I still think this game has a lot of potential and it brings people from all around the world together which is something that is always valuable.

Thank you so much for ur cooperation Haamu, thank you accept this interview, i wish u the best of luck from here my friend.
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