Interview with Rabbit of Caerbannog - by Mhlychol

Day 4,505, 11:40 Published in Croatia Turkey by Mhlychol

1. Hi, Rabbit of Caerbannog. Thank you for accepting my offer to do an interview with me. Would you please introduce yourself to our eCommunity?

Hi, Mhlychol. Thank you for this opportunity, is my 1st interview here in this eWorld and I’m very flattered that you thought of me for your first interview as well 😉
My RL name is Iva (many call me Iva Pozitiva), and I’m 36 (almost 37) y.o. lady from Zagreb, Croatia. My study was IT related, and I started to work as Network Operations Center specialist in a big Croatian provider (learned a lot about priorities there, organization and fast reaction when ‘s$#%t hits the fan’ 😃 And had the opportunity to test my multitasking skills each day). At some point, I also decided to go additionally to the Teachers Academy and finished a few classes there which interested me. And last 10 years I work as a Software Tester and Business Analyst (learned a lot about SW and ppl / clients, risks and adaptation, and what is the true meaning of being ‘agile’ 😃).

Privately I’m a very proactive, social and positive person. I like to hike, bike, read, write, talk, cook, think, draw, mind map, help, learn, laugh, listen to music, dance, meet ppl, travel and play eRepublik 😃 (among many other things)

I have a lot of energy and will, and don’t give up so easily if I care about something. And I do like to communicate and talk, so in advance, I would warn both you and readers that this will be a loooong interview 😃

2. What made you start playing eRrepublik?

Well, I have 2 ppl to ‘blame’ 😃 I heard about eRepublik (i.e. saw it) when one of my RL friends had smth important to do at Tuesday night in November 2018 🙂 And he showed eRep to me (btw, until then, no Facebook, no any social networks except Linked In for work purposes, and I never played any online game, I didn’t even know how Travian works 😃). He showed me battles, his warehouse, companies (and I understood nothing to be completely honest).. And he said : ‘Hey, you like to read! Check this..’ And showed me one article from our Dida (Argro.. And that was it! Didin kantun ftw! I was like this:

I don’t read portals, or newspapers, don’t watch TV.. to me most of the information there has no value (and what is really important for me to know, finds it’s way to me 😃). But I enjoy books and stories, both fictional or with RL touch.. And articles from Dida made me want to read more of that.. So after few days, when I remembered what was the name of that online browser game (that was 13th of November 201😎 I created my acc here.. Rabbit of Caerbannog was eBorn 😉
(I only feel sorry I was not aware that there is a referral system..)
Referralmezzo - in case if you found this article over Google search, and want to try out eRepublik - check out this article 🙂
SB medal article

So articles from Dida were great company for my morning coffee and breakfast, but something made me click a bit more.. At first, I thought I can’t even fight if I don’t have wep (this tells you how much all this was new to me 😃)
Each day I discovered more and more, searched for things on google, on eRep wiki when I found it 😃 and after a week or two I got information about Telegram channel (Thank you, @MirkoniCRO, you were the only one who believed me I’m a new player, and helped me on Discord to find the way to Telegram and other ppl who helped me there.) I must thank to @Alioth and @Legica especially, they were both there for all my questions! And I had a lot of them!!

Soon things started to evolve by itself, and I got more and more involved in many areas of eRep.. Click here if you want to read more about My first eYear on eRepublik I dare you 🙂 (Also you can find the list of articles I published there if you want to check info about 2018/2019 events that I had experienced in my time here 😃)

And what keeps me here… well, few things..
At the start, in the exact moment when I needed it (players on Telegram not believing me I’m new player, calling me multi, bot, saying I’m not a girl, telling me there is no use to play this game without packs or scripts, no use in creating acc in this game in 2018, that is too late for everything…) I got one PM with only 1 sentence in it:
’No matter what is your strength, each and every damage counts’

I’m not used to asking for things in life, so it was hard for me at the start as well to ask here for help.. First 2 weeks players filled my small warehouse, but later I stayed quiet and there were times I didn’t fight (no cc, no golds, no food…) But then I saw there are ppl willing to help in the longer term, not only 1st few weeks. (Gorki61_istra and my dear Umber bears, Zljun Dar and KOLAK79 ) And to say thanks to all that helped me, return it in some way, I started to help others.. And I said to myself, no eBaby will be hungry! So some 1 month here, and I started sharing all I had to those who said they need it..

With time I discovered more and more and actually still finding new stuff here 😃 For example, I remember the night when I first clicked on the World map module.. And saw I can see other countries laws.. Wooow.. You should see all the mind maps I made then, all over my living room floor 😃 (It was January 2019, when we had a lot of fun here 😃)

Tnx @Yui MHCP001 for these graphs, and I’m still hoping you will maybe write and graph more 😉
And most important - people, the community.. I could talk about this till tomorrow and still not mention all who I had opportunity to eMeet or meet also on RL, so many interesting talks and personalities.. People are the most valuable thing in this eWorld.. Other stuff is just made out of pixels 😉

3. What are your most liked and most disliked features of the game?

As I mentioned already, community and eMedia held special place in my heart.. And I got interested in the state on maps, laws, and trying to get glimpses of eHistory each day, by asking about old days or reading some old articles.. I do feel sorry I didn’t hear about eRepublik in 2008 or 2009.. It would be much easier to me now 😃 (not regarding my acc, I don’t care much about that.. But regarding ppl here.. Most of you know each other for years..) So I like that social part of the game a lot.. You can see I’m being active in articles, comments, shouts.. I like to interact, have fun, find out or learn something new for that day, each day..

And what I dislike the most here is also related to people - it’s language, fights, insults and threats that some people here use.. I don’t respect that and each day I have 1 or 2 eFriends less as I’m cleaning my wall from all the ‘poop’ of that sort 😃

4. What can be done in your opinion to improve the game? What would be the feature if you could add some new features to the game?

Uh, lots of things could be done to improve eRepublik.. This game has such a potential.. From so many angles I see different stuff that could benefit all or some groups of players and owners (is professional deformation for me, as this is what I do RL)
In the Wars module, for example, I would be happy to see some changes..
The campaign would still consist of rounds, but I would make them a bit more fun 😃
Round 1 - Ground battle (we have now 4 divisions by lvl - but I think would be better if by rank and strength)
Round 2 - Air battle (with 4 sectors, but I would also introduce perception - and after some time split sectors also by rank and perception gained + Air EPIC fights)
Round 3 - Sea battle (this would be what ‘Air’ is at the moment, place where new players could grow fast and make a difference in a short period of playing or fun for those who had enough of Ground 😃) Imagine also having submarines and ships here 😃
Round 4 - would be All in 1 😃 And all would meet, Ground, Air, Sea fighters.. And maybe I would make points system in a way that Round 4 can turn everything.. To keep the most action for the end 😃

And for sure I would make some changes that would benefit new players and returners, so is much easier for them to get the golds / grow faster..
Disclose Token sellers (still I don’t understand how is not done, and also why is nowhere written what is the maximum amount of tokens on the market)
Lower the price of packs
And I would Introduce fingerprint verification login 😃 (this is actually the only way I see that bots and multiple accs usage could be stopped)

5. As you know, the CODE countries have been experiencing problems such as losing the mainland recently. What do you think is the main reason for this problem? How can it be corrected?

I came here when there was still no CODE.. I was added to one international WhatsApp group and started to get to know more and more people, went more into MoFA / Politics / Strategical part of the game.. And I remember how was then, I remember how was whole last year.. And I see how is now.. All in RL and here has its ups and downs, and this is completely normal. I don’t see the problem in losing the mainland, I prefer that than only farming in TWs.. We had lots of fun last year, and we still do.. So for me is not a problem, in my eyes is a challenge that keeps us think more, to be faster, react how the enemy wouldn’t expect etc.. And communicate and organize even more and better..
I heard that before wars would last for some shorter periods of time, then all would have time to restock, and again war times would come.. But 2019 was a bit more different.. We actually had constant wars, some took longer than expected, some shorter... But there were not so many restocking times in that period (and this is needed to have more firepower and more fun 😃)
The biggest issue I do see here is many ppl losing motivation for the game (both sides and neutral countries also).. But that is not due to any alliance.. That is something that Plato needs to try to fix..

6. Let’s talk about the Flying Rabbits, who are the Flying Rabbits and what are you doing in there?

😃 Oh.. My dear Flying Rabbits.. If I hand picked ppl, I couldn’t wish for better bunch.. We are all members of the Flying Rabbits Elite Military Unit that helps to young players and returners to the game, there are also few 2clickers that decided to come and support our projects, and some got more active in the process, which me very happy.. Also some stronger active accs came to support us, and without them all this I do couldn’t be possible.
We are a very active bunch, on MU wall, eFriends walls, and especially on Telegram. Yesterday we passed 135 members on our Telegram Rabbits chat.. So you can imagine how many msgs are in that chat each day 😃 But I enjoy it a lot, we have lots of fun and laughs, and Basil shares nice pictures of his future ex-wife daily, we help each other with whatever needed, organise daily strikes, talk about RL, have quiz nights.. Lots of stuff are going on there 😉 Join us and you will see 🙂

7. Where did you come up with this idea of this army? When did you start-up? Do you have any support for the players in your MU?
Well at the start I was a part of another Air MU, Croatian Falcons, but I was asked to take care of eBabies in some other MU (I have to admit, this was a hard day to me, as I didn’t expect anything like that, even the opposite as I was appointed as 2nd commander few days before that and I thought CP at that point was calling me to tell me I will get some help for eBabies).

This was 20th April 2019. and player Dreamkiller noticed that I’m a bit upset by something, talked to me and made Rabbits MU in next 10 minutes, gave it to me as a gift (with a threat that he will stop playing eRep forever if I don’t accept it, that he will do full ‘Drimovanje’ how we call when someone talks about quitting the game 😃) So it started with 2 of us.. And few eBabies that came.. 7, 12, 20.. And we grew to some 30 players in 1 month.. I was strongest acc there in MU at the start (and was playing without packs, in-game for a bit more than 5 months). So you can imagine how happy I was when also Gorki61_istra came to Rabbits.. He was the first of stronger accs that showed me support and regular help for those who need it most.

One month later, 20th of May 2019 we moved to Elite Military Unit (biggest gratitude and tnx to Ikki di Phoenix, who gifted me with this elite MU, exZDRUG, which ended up by mistake in eItaly over years) - This one that we call our eHome now 😉 And by this, one of my biggest eDreams was fulfilled - an elite MU with a bigger focus on Air and help to eBabies and returners to the game. Place of support, motivation, respect, togetherness, and fun 😃 And organization 😉
No Rabbit shall be hungry! 😃
I also must say big thanks to Ikki di Phoenix and Gorki61_istra for their constant help, and to other players that remember me and what I do from time to time.. And send either food or cc help (so I don’t need to ask via articles or eFriends shout how I did at start) 🤗

With time we grew more and more, whole generation of players now got stronger and new eBabies are here, so I don’t stop 😃 Also I went to follow another eDream I had.. To have a network of players and priorities inside one elite MU, that can react and send damage when and where needed. We do it by setting DOs, and shouts on MU wall / MU chat / and another chat(s) we use for coordination with other eWorld friends and allies and MUs. Soon Rabbits will hit 200 members as it looks 🙂 but there is still a long way to my evil plan 😃 to have 300 active players that like this game and want to have fun with us 😃
(Note: CODE, Andes and Friends - feel free to send your eBabies to us in case if you don’t have any projects in your countries 😉 I had to close access to our EMU due to Serbian bots that someone was putting inside, so from few days ago is possible to join us only if the invitation is sent by Commander. Ping me if needed 😉 )

8. What does your nickname mean, do you have a story about the Rabbit?

Well, ever since I was little girl, I was always playing outside, jumping around, climbing trees, and I liked to play football. Soon I got a nickname ‘Zec’, which means Rabbit in Croatian. Later on, during my study, my friends decided to bring a beautiful creature to my life.. And she made me very happy for more than 8 years we spent together..

My dear Usagi YoJimbo

And I like humor, and ever since the first time I saw Monty Python movie (I was very little, 4 or 5), the scene with Killer Bunny made me laugh sooooo hard, and ever since then was my favorite.. And the first thing that crossed my mind when I was creating my account here on eRep was Rabbit of Caerbannog 🙂 For those who want to know more, you can check this article - Legend of the Rabbit of Caerbannog

9. Do you have any advice for new players?

Hahaha… I have so many, that we could do the interview only on that theme 😃
But in shortest possible:
1-Ask.. anything that is not clear... At your MU wall, Party wall, eFriends wall, through an article, or join Telegram and ask there (that is the quickest way).

2-Save golds and bars

3-Have at least 20k cc if possible (for black times)

4-Get the best-paid job at the job market

5-Use Q1 and Q2 houses for faster growth (in a residence with less than 50 ppl)

6-Check where your eCountry posts orders and follow them

7-Connect, communicate (Telegram is a great addition to eRepublik, and actually most of the game is played there in some way)

8-Ask about Holdings, companies, residence, missions - ask first, and then do.. Not the opposite way around 😉

9-Read articles and guides > Check for example this guide.. I discovered it 2 days ago and made this easy to remember tiny url (can be found also on my profile):
Also if you don’t understand all the abbreviations and shortcuts ppl here use, check out this article - eRepublik Abbreviations and Terms

10-Never forget that ppl here are the most valuable thing here.. Not words, golds, medals.. But people and interaction you will make with them.. Never forget that. 🤗

11-Respect each other, and have fun in this game 😉

12-If you can help somehow - help to others that need some kind of support (comment for the mission, shout for subscription, sending extras of food or smth you don’t need yourself, motivation, a joke to someone that maybe has a bad day.. Just remember that you also needed help or may need it at some point.. And eCommunity will help 😉

13-Be more active in eMedia part.. Show to the eCommunity that you are here, that you are a real player made of flesh and bones.. Ask for help with those missions, don’t spend golds on them. We are here to help..
14-Contact me if you don’t know who to ask about something here.. To me is still all fresh, and I did ask a lot of questions in my 1.5 year here 🙂 You can contact me in-game via PM, or find me on Telegram via my username @Rabbit_of_Caerbannog
15-And don’t forget to smile 🙂 Day without a smile is a lost day! 🙂

10. Finally, is there anything you want to add that I maybe forgot to ask?
Well, I do miss some music here 😃 And would like to thank you for this interview + will try to finish with the shortest answer so far 😃

And for the end, I wish to all ppl to avoid panic, be reasonable and responsible, keep safe in these times of Bio war we are currently in, and be respectful to each other.. Both RL and in-game..
Thank you all for reading 😉

Samo jako!
Samo pozitivno!
And don’t you ever forget:

is in the

Rabbit of Caerbannog