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Interview with French aMoFA! [DK]

Day 2,054, 08:10 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by DiktatorKodar

Hello Macedonian and French citizens..

I have interviewed French aMoFA, here is the interview:

DK: As first, who is Bougnatti in the Real Life ?

Bougnatti: A young Frenchman who live in Auvergne with his cow

DK: Who have lied you to register at eRepublik?

Bougnatti: I played a football game online and a friend of the game advised me this game so I test him.

DK: At the beginning, was hard or easy to learn how to play ?

Bougnatti: In France, with the Ministary of the Solidarity we are very well guided so it's was easy to learn. And also my party was a good counsillor.

DK: I think the game was interesting for you at the beginning, and that was the reason to stay active and play it!?

First, i was in holliday so when i was boring i play this game. In a second time, i have discovered the political modul and i loved it.

DK: Hah, i think you like politics.
Have you even thinked that you will be in the government in eFrance ?

Bougnatti: "Hah, i think you love politics." -> In RL yes, so i want to test in game.
At the beginning, no. But with the time, i understand the situation, the game, .. so i was ready to start to be in government.

DK: What was your first function in the french government?

Bougnatti: I was for the first time Ministry of the Interieure.

DK: Was that function hard?

Bougnatti: Requested work but useless.

DK: Now you’re assistant Minister of Foreign affairs, that function is not easy to work, how are you doing it?

Bougnatti: It's my first time at this post so i'm here for learn.

DK: Together with the CP, you have a duty to plan attacking and joining any alliance? How is that going on?

Bougnatti: We haven't any attacking plan but we have try to find an alliance. We have had a meeting with the ex-EDEN countries and after the idea of create an alliance born.

DK: It is not better to join an existing alliance ? Or you just decided to create new with other countries which aren't members of any alliance?
What is the reason to not join an existing alliance and create a new?

Bougnatti: The majority of the eFrance is pro-CoT but we have seen his weakness. We think NaN and Asgard are too small and we are anti-TWO. So create an alliance is the only key.

DK: Every alliance and country have bad time, why you don't wait a bit, and discuss one more time for that, beacuse that is very important topic?

Bougnatti: We are discussing on that since January, so we have to make a choice.

DK: Why France is pro-CoT and anti-TWO?

Bougnatti: Because we have occupating by TWO and CoT is the only big alliance in opposition (with the disparition of EDEN).

DK: In France, everyday's topic is Airstrike, which country you want to attack with the Airstrike and why?

Bougnatti: It's an idea who was proposing but the majority is opposing.

DK: Why the majority is opposing, maybe they think that France will lose and spend the money for nothing?

Bougnatti: Exactly.

DK: What are citizens saying it's good or bad idea ?

Bougnatti: For exemple, Koratos,
Because we are oppresing because of the rubber, So we can't stay here.

DK: What will you say about my country, Macedonia ?

Bougnatti: Allies at the time of Phoenix, our relationship with Macedonia has always been good. Even when they invaded the south of France, macedonian gave us back our regions while they were in the enemy alliance. We always respected Macedonia et and we will keep on doing so. Although they have engaged in a war with Turkey, France has chose not to take sides as we can, we consider both countries as friendly.

DK: For the end, do you want to say something that i haven’t asked you?

Bougnatti: I don’t know ^^ 🙂

That was the interview with France’s Asisstant Minister of Foreign Affairs.




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Toni Lj Cvetkovski
Toni Lj Cvetkovski Day 2,056, 01:14

Bravo majstore. Koga site ambasadori pa i MOFA bi bile aktivni kako tebe kaj bi ni bil krajot 🙂

DiktatorKodar Day 2,056, 08:24

de be brat.. ne sum i jas nesto naj naj 😃

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