Interview with Former Serbian President; Strahinjic lll

Day 5,661, 05:54 Published in Serbia United Kingdom by Gavin C. Mister

Interview time!

Never Before in my interview portfolio have I interviewed someone outside eUK politics, and the day I do has finally come. Strahinjic lll, former eSerbian president, military commander and Proud countryman agreed to an interview about a miscellany of topics. Please enjoy for it is interview time!

Question 1
People say you're trying to get to positions of power only because in the past you had some success in that. What you have to say about that?

Strahinjic lll
Movement that I am part of, People's Militia 33, has realistic political program and people with a lot of experience to implement it. We offer it to people, they give us support based on what we tend to do. Winning elections is not the most important thing, the most important thing is that we share our ideology with other players and that we play an interesting game. Ofc, if we get power, we will do what we have promised.

Question 2
Do you realize that fighting with Russia will put Serbia's spot in Asteria in jeopardy?

Strahinjic lll
Serbia doesn't have any use of Asteria nor Asteria has any use of Serbia atm. You can just look what regions Serbia holds besides original and everything is clear. Relation between Asteria and Serbia is like long term marriage which keeps to be alive because of habit, not love. So, why should we care if our spot in Asteria is in jeopardy?

Question 3
Judging by one of your recent articles in your newspaper, you threathen to continue sabotaging your country's spot in Asteria by fighting on Russia's side with your group of soilders even tho you do not have support from majority of Serbian people. Why is that? Why do you think Serbia's spot in Asteria is as you said "useless country" and also "for them, we're better being useless in Asteria then being on other side of Asteria"?

]Strahinjic lll
We are not sabotaging anything, we play as our official leaders play. So, I can accept that we sabotage anything just if our political leaders accept that they sabotage as well. It is not the truth that we don't have support from majority, I won last CP elections. Serbia is seen as useless country in Asteria, that is a fact which can be easily seen on the map, and that is what I have been confirmed by the Asterian leaders.

Question 4
why dont you just take UAE or Russian passport, join CODE countries and just leave Serbia once for all?

Because Serbia is my country and I am not guided by wishes of my political opponents. They would love Serbia without players being able to confront them so they could practice what really is dictatorship but I won't give them that pleasure.

Question 5
Are you going to run again as CP?

Strahinjic lll
Probably, I don't see the reason why should I stop doing it.

Thank You's

Thank you to Strahinjic lll who had the guts to agree to an interview with a foreigner who wasn't as connected as I should have been so a great thanks goes out to him. I would also like to thank my reader's for supporting me by Reading, Voting, Commenting, Endorsing and Subscribing it helps me know that I have a loyal fanbase interested in what I post, thank you for your time and have a lovely day.

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