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Welcome back to the Kobble Gobble. I'm going to keep the introduction short here, but as I mentioned in the previous article we have an interview below with the Croatian MoFA. I personally did not interview him, but I am the one posting here. Enjoy!

1. What, from your perspective, led to US leaving CODE?

Smarty McFly:
Let me answer this question from conclusion first. One thing is for sure, certainly we will never know full reasoning behind this, only few people can answer that question, and it is by those who made such decision long before it came into action.

That being said, retroactively we can far better understand history and what led to this unfolding of events.

With high certainty I can say that number one reason and most influential part is someone's agenda, decision by one person or small group of people who had clear direction where they want to position US. And frankly, it is legit and legal move to do, so I see no reason for so much stalling and manipulations to achieve goal (except to convince own community).

Excuses are, were and will be heard in many ways, but in all this we are ignoring elephant in the room: Who wants to leave will find an excuse, who wants to stay will find a way. With that statement we could easily close whole this topic. But I feel your community and whole game deserves more clarification. So, with vast majority of our opinions - US decision to leave CODE is not targeted against our alliance as we did our best to create home to US community, but the goal was to align with Asteria side.

2. CODE has been accused of abandoning the US. Can you explain what led to Asteria's invasion of the US? Is there a reason CODE would abandon the US, given all the gold to be farmed via training wars?

Smarty McFly:
A lot of questions and unfortunately answer needs quite a lot of clarification.

Sentiment in CODE at that time was quite the opposite to be sincere. CODE was waging hard war all around the world with Asteria, and in spite of all effort, tough fights with everything we had, trillions and trillions of dmg spending for months to try to oppose great battlefield force of Asteria, and in spite of some important battles won, overall picture was that long term CODE was loosing that war.

In the meanwhile US was barely involved in that defense in any way, and our ways are different than Asteria's, we do not beg, we do not threaten or blackmail our friends, allies or neutral countries, indeed we do not cherish ways of Asteria to blackmail, threaten and terrorise those who do not comply to us, we give them freedom of their own decision. And fact is US did not participate in world-wide defense of CODE. At last, after months of fierce fighting, US was last undefeated CODE country. Long after all others have fallen in futile attempt to resist.

When attack on US began, Antwone was leading strategist behind defense of our fellow member, and did best he could with our decimated people and resources from long wars we had in every corner of map. Have in mind that US was intact till this moment, in their country, regions, but also in personal resources. Yes, CODE did try best with what had left, but considering all other fronts were lost, there was not some magical pill or button that would create thousands of bars or gold on accounts of CODE soldiers. So defense of US has fallen in spite of efforts done and that is all truth on this. We gave little what we had left, and that is why there was biter taste after all. It is not how much you have, but how much you give. And we gave everything. This was last line of defense for USA, but to have significant impact on this front, we should have won other fronts before it came to this, those are some basics of warfare. Effectively, waging war on secondary front of defense is where you defend your home. I am sure RL Americans understand that as it is policy of USA RL government.

One more thing to clarify, USA was never about farming. You can clearly see that we can create our own farming surroundings if we want to.

USA has 50 regions and it is all nice and shiny, but don't think that world depends on you, if you consider you were giving something extra that other allies weren't, you are wrong. Friendship, as we genuinely believed in with USA does not function on counting contribution or effort, that is why I don't like to mention what is stated above, but finally we need to break that myth of CODE not trying to defend USA. If we lost all other countries and fronts, what would be logic for suddenly starting to be victorious in US land? Obviously community, better said leadership used that excuse for turning from us to our enemies, and we saw it coming long long way before it finally happened.

There was crystal clear agenda to alienate USA from CODE so such misconceptions are what we expected and are part of scenario, same as nonsense of using Ireland, which at that time has not been member of CODE for about half a year, as excuse to leave CODE. Looking that from distance now, it looks quite paradoxically, doesn't it?

Different people and different communities have their own ways and we have always respected that. We, Croatia and also CODE are having hard time, and we are used to it. We do not seek easy and quick path. And we are proud of that, but that is also tough way to play and not everybody can endure that pressure. To add on that, while being on path of maximum strain, at the same time we are not forcing anyone to comply to our will. If you want to give something, you can give and we will very much appreciate that, but we are not forcing anybody to do what they don't want. Maybe we are playing this game wrong because Asteria is doing exactly that and it gives them upper hand, but I'd choose our way anytime.

We have always been open and honest to USA. We did not stall or manipulate your community or leadership, we did not promise things we cannot achieve, and although we tried our best to oppose Asteria, when development of that fight was obvious, instead of making requests and demands in Asteria's way, we supported USA in their 6-month NAP with Asteria, wishing best for your community. Only few persons expressed their concerns in friendly tone if this was deliberate transition of US to full Asteria, and it was later used by administration to justify every hostile action.

We may be doing our best to play this game fair and in best manners, but don't take our values for foolishness, we have common sense and have a lot of experience, modus operandi of changing side is quite known and US is only latest edition of school example of that.

3. CODE launched a large attack on the US recently. I know you wrote a long article explaining why, but do you have anything to add?

Smarty McFly:
I believe all important stuff are already said there, it was primarily reaction to US attack on Brazil, and nevertheless Brazil signed NAP after that, we do not regret our decision to retaliate on US for attacking one of us. We were allies until yesterday, and you decide to attack one of your own, one of whom you shared channels, talks, meetings and friendly chats just moments ago? It just seemed right thing to do.

4. Where do you see the future of US-CODE relations heading? What would you like them to be like?

Smarty McFly:
At this moment with our former ally eager to occupy our lands and be proactive and prominent aggressor against CODE and all it's friends I don't see possibility of warming relations. But I'd say that ball in not in ours but on US court, even after all of this, everything that happened I am not sure there is overwhelming animosity against US.

I personally feel quite indifferent towards USA, they clearly want to be recognised by Asteria for their contribution and I find it cute, it just cheers me up how much and how hard they are trying to prove themselves. So worst of all, and I don't know why, but I still find US community and especially their leadership somehow sympathetic in their obvious attempts to win respect in Asteria circles. What your leadership still do not understand is that for what USA did, and this is far from first time doing it, on first sign of trouble turning side, they will have very hard time proving someone their loyalty. Over the years USA has built such reputation, maybe we were naive to expect US will stand by our side if things get tough? Perhaps.

If you are going to react on every switch of power and turn like leaf on the wind it is your right, but that is not how CODE countries are playing. So I suppose USA with this administration in power is exactly where they need to be, trying to impress their new friends.

5. What effect did the 2017 US attack on Thailand have on US-Croatia relations, given that some of the people responsible for that (gnilraps, Wild Owl) are still influential members of US leadership?

Smarty McFly:
History explained: under same proAsteria leadership that rules today, US at that time decided to launch AS against Croatia, with goal to impress Asteria. Croatia at that time was totally passive, inactive without players except for handful who didn't leave game yet. All others left for good. Croatia has given up from this game, it was dead. We didn't have core regions but only been in Thailand performing TW with them.

AS started and even though we were weak, somehow we managed to defend that attack, and as response we launched AS back in counter-offensive. It was preliminary attack without much expectations, we landed, circled 3-4 days in US regions until got kicked by all available countries and forces there. That was first phase.

Croatia began to wake up, people started to return, we began to call everybody, to build our forces, buy packs, and were fully preparing for serious attack. And then our real attack happened. US tried to defend along with everyone present in their cores, there were 5 AS-es targeted at us and we defeated them all. We brought reinforcements too and managed to conquer your country.

US initiated negotiations for peace proposal and with proAsteria leadership moving away from power our relations began to warm up and come closer. It turned to real friendship, partnership and US becoming full member of CODE by your own will and wish. We became close friends.

Wild Owl and his company are who launched aggression against Croatia then, and when coming back to power in USA recently they began the process of turning US from CODE to Asteria. We know the result.

Not even Serbia, Romania, whole Asteria, Croatia itself of allies managed to activate us, we were sleeping, and USA is trigger that has brought us up again. So should we thank you for bringing us back or not, that is the question.

6. What are your overall opinions on eUSA as of right now?
Is there any particular reason why you feel the way you do about the eUSA?
What do you think is the best way forward for the eUSA?

Smarty McFly:
I have only to say one thing on this: I only wish that USA was fighting for their freedom when attacked by Asteria with same passion and dedication that they are trying now in service of Asteria goals.

Note that as someone who is not holding any grudge against US or their community, I tried my best to be objective in answers. These are best answers that I can provide according to my informations. I do, as other Croats too, still maintain communication with your officials and leading figures and that may be one of reasons why I still feel sympathies towards your community, but also because of thoughtful people like you George, who are questioning your leadership and not only blindly following them. We can be aligned formally on opposite sides at this moment, but one of great manifestations of this game are it's dynamics and unforeseeable developments of events in future.

But for this particular moment it seems to me that in cooperation with Asteria, USA is trying to annoy CODE side, although it is not going very well.

USA is where their elites want them to be and that is how things are. They know it, we know it. Difference is that we have privilege of being honest. We liked USA, considered USA as friendly community, close to us, not for any purpose, abuse or to exploit, by now US community and whole game should have realised that is not the way we play, if we wanted to we would be on top. There is sentiment of fear and blackmail in many neutral, pro-Asteria and even Asteria countries. We know, because we have far more contacts and talks than it is supposed and we are formally ready to acknowledge, but we do know and see firsthand how countries are being treated and it is all fun and games until you one day, after this initial euphoria, start to feel it on your skin.

Finally, where you want to lead your country is solely on you, neither we or anybody else can and should not decide for you. Current leadership has decided to go fully in service of Asteria and it their formal right to do. Is it right or wrong decision, that is up to your community to judge.

Once again remember that congressional elections are here really soon! Vote Black Sheep! o7

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