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International relations eAsutralia - eChile

Day 1,895, 06:05 Published in Chile Chile by Fibonacci

Last days we have been very busy not only because eArgentina, but also with eAustralia.

eAUS and eChile:
Both countries had been in "peace", because of the returning of SOME original lands to eAUS, but it seems that this country is not conformed with this and have been fighting with the intention of taking regions not inclued in the pact.

Just to give some examples of a couple of rounds in the last two campaigns in Queensland and victoria:

In this Screenshots we can se:

Yobbo McSweeny

Ace M. Tokens-Ruins
Nathaniel Birchwood

All Australian citizens fighting for Australia in a non pacted RW in wich they should be fighting for eChile as signed between governments.

No matter this, we can easily see Australian desires of trespassing the pact with the clear intention of having all the regions conquered by eChile as seen in this article and its comments:

So to be in mind of international knowledge, that this so called "pro-CoT" country that eAUS has been trying to pretend to show itself to international comunity is not so.
If its government wants to show interest of changing alliance, it must first make its pretentions general to all citizens of its own country, but clearly they don’t desire (neither deserve) been part of a community that is based on trust as CoT.



Ash J. Williams
Ash J. Williams Day 1,895, 07:24

Jajajajaja preparando la escena para la otra nueva traición chilenos? En definitiva, ustedes no aprenden.

Sir Algaroth
Sir Algaroth Day 1,895, 07:36


Fibonacci Day 1,895, 07:42

que quede claro que no pertenezco ni al gobierno de chile, ni a ninguna organizacion...
Esto solo representa mi observacion y opinion personales.


Fibonacci Day 1,895, 07:52

No me había dado cuenta que los que comentaban arriba eran argentinos: mejor dediquense a resolver sus problemas de multis:

Shaddam Corrino
Shaddam Corrino Day 1,895, 07:59

que aplicacion es esa? 🙂

Judoka7 Day 1,895, 08:24

Este pacto siempre apestó... Los únicos que ganan son los australianos...
Espero que esta vez aprendamos y no dejemos entrar a Cot a países poco confiables y sin control de su población.

JendralKopassus Day 1,895, 08:32

eAustralia will say anything to trick eChile day, eChile will realize about that....

it's not surprised anymore about eAustralia...

SudacaMKD Day 1,895, 08:36

Mal pacto
Mal pacto
Mal pacto
Mal pacto

Tim_Holtz Day 1,895, 10:11

so your evidence is 11 players fighting against Chile?

we had 191 players vote in our elections, they didnt fight for what Australia wants

LocoCaverna Day 1,895, 10:18

El precio por devolver a destiempo New South Wales jajaja. Dejen de molestar por 10 locos q pegaron algo!! Vieron perfectamente que la amplia mayoria los ayudo a ustedes, algo que ustedes por obligacion debian hacer. Intenta ser un poco mas serio @fibonacci. El daño australiano es insignificante en nuestras batalla arg vs chi

Tomatelo con calma que ya van a encontrar otras causas mas razonables. Saludos desde el otro lado de la cordillera, que tengan buen dia!!

SgtoCabral Day 1,895, 10:37

BUaaAAAAaaaaaauauaauaa .....T_T ...snif sniFF

A llorarle al Resumen de VISA

Fibonacci Day 1,895, 10:52

@Tim_Holtz: 11 players in only 2 minis from division 3.
Just what I saw in two rounds...
that's where my impresion of you guys is based, and I'm shareing it with everyone.

@LocoCaverna: a uds con lo suyo

LocoCaverna Day 1,895, 11:07

Menos argumento que film triple X jajaja

Agilulfo Bertrandino
Agilulfo Bertrandino Day 1,895, 11:31

Y no decías nada de que Fibonacci también pegó por Australia :cafe:. Tercer screen... Me estás diciendo que hay chilenos que también están pegando por Australia para cancelar el pacto y traicionar a los aussies? Por que no subís todos los screens? Yo vi a compatriotas tuyos pegar en contra de Chile...

Jaime1978 Day 1,895, 12:17

¿Quiénes fueron los ingenuos que pactaron con Australia?

Sir_c0nstant Day 1,895, 12:19

so those 11 guys fighting against eChile in LOSING battles mostly hitting less than 1 mill damage
nothing about derkaderkas 26,560482 for you

Its easy to find people, we could probably find lots of eChileans that fighting on the wrong side as well.

vedderpies Day 1,895, 12:39

Hi, i see my name mentioned there, just speaking for myself i chose to fight in battles, near the end of the battles mind you, that we had no chance of winning in, amd surely my pissy half a mill- 800k damage wouldnt of achieved much except help me get my patriot medal, which it did .....

Storm in a tea cup boys, that latin blood is making you far too excitable

Zer0Xx Day 1,895, 12:45


Al fin la gente cree en lo que les decía xD

lancer450 Day 1,895, 13:50

You showed 11 players fighting and an article from an unknown eAussie with no power in government who is likely very new to the game. This doesn't in any way prove that the eAustralian government and the eAustralian people tried to take back regions that are not included in the treaty. This is nothing but drama manufactured after those logs were released imo.

eChile is losing their eAussie regions because of eArgentina NOT because of eAustralia. Even when all of eAustralia tries to help you fight against the eArgentines, you guys still lost. Where are CoT allies? Why aren't they helping? eAustralians and eChileans can only do so much alone. The blame rests with eArgentina.

e che y fidel
e che y fidel Day 1,895, 14:02

excusas puras excusas para no respetar lo pactado y comenzar el camino a la traicion el cual ya comenzaron tirandole NE a los canguros

Edreams Chile
Edreams Chile Day 1,895, 14:13

11 players is too few for make a not fault of Aus problem with them

Take a rest my friend Fibo 😉


lancer450 Day 1,895, 14:29

11 players is too few for make a not fault of Aus problem with them

Take a rest my friend Fibo

E x2

vedderpies Day 1,895, 14:35

agreed 11 players, what a poor argument really, im guessing this Fibo is a bit of an attention seeker or a pussy or probably both

Nicky3Fingers Day 1,895, 14:46

hey look that's me 😃

and it looks like i am saying i would rather have eChile their then not....interesting...

the point being don't let a few bad apples ruin it for all of us yes there are some people going against the treaty and im sure there will always be people like that no matter where u look but don't let their actions reflect on all of us

lancer450 Day 1,895, 14:54

^ Exactly.

Fibo, you seem to have ignored his comment in that screen shot. He said that he would prefer to have eChile there than to have the region for eAustralia. Coincidentally, you must have glanced over that...

steinbock2012 Day 1,895, 15:44

Amigo @Fibonacci , por favor NO vendas humo !!!
Estas buscando una excusa para romper el tratado con Australia ???
Vas a decir que 10 o 15 jugadores pegando con contra de Chile es suficiente para romper un tratado ???
Sabes ? Para mantener las regiones, Chile y todos sus aliados deberían haber luchado fuerte en cada RW y no estarían en la situación actual.
Es obvio que esto es un juego de guerra y Argentina jugara con todas las opciones posibles para borrarlos a ustedes.
No me interesan los Australianos, pero Fibo, no intentes culpar a otros de sus propios errores.

Ahhh ... Australianos .... allí tienen sus regiones originales SIN NINGÚN COSTO para ustedes.
Solo queremos a los Chilenos borrados.

Saludos desde el otro lado de la cordillera.

* disculpen la traducción de google. o7

Friend @ Fibonacci, please do not sell smoke!
Those looking for an excuse to break the treaty with Australia???
You say that 10 or 15 players against Chile sticking with is enough to break a treaty???
You know? To keep the regions, Chile and all its allies should have fought hard in each RW and not be in the current situation.
Obviously, this is a war game and Argentina played with every possible option to delete you.
Australians do not interest me, but Fibo, do not try to blame others for their own mistakes.

Ahhh ... Australian .... there have their original regions at no cost to you.
We just want to Chilean deleted.

Greetings from the other side of the ridge.

* Sorry for the google translation. o7

HeroFly Day 1,895, 16:24

Tienen unas ganas de irse a australia los shilenos jajaja

Allea230112 Day 1,895, 16:35

you believe eAustalia..???

it's not surprised anymore about eAustralia...2x

Manrod78 Day 1,895, 16:47

well, it's not only that eAustralians are fighting illegally in RW, but also days since I haven't seen the official eAustralian orders for countermeasures like days before.

Sir_c0nstant Day 1,895, 17:18

I am pretty sure I can find 15 eChileans fighting for eChile in those RW's Aus was supposed to win.
As treaty states the government can not be held responsible for the rogue elements.

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,895, 17:38

This is why we can't have nice things ...

And we are in the same alliance, so why can't we have our states back? ...

Chile is getting wiped and doing EXACTLY what they did 6 months ago ..... taking over the small country before they get wiped, pretty dog act if you ask me, but as usual Chile will make up some bogus argument to justify it ...

Zer0Xx Day 1,895, 20:39

Who is EDreams Chile?

Rosanganth Day 1,895, 22:10

Fibonacci fail you hit 4 times for Australia jajaja

Fibonacci Day 1,896, 02:25

11 players in only 2 minis, only from division 3...
Im not talkin about ovarall results, if I whanted to make an extrapolation we could say that:
11 players x 4 (each dision) x 9 (mean number of rounds) x 2 (campaings) = 792
More than eAUS active players I think

*considering that I only entered eR a couple of times not in eAUS time zone............

Tim_Holtz Day 1,896, 03:16

Fibonacci fought for Australia 4 times, HE BROKE THE TREATY!!!!!

PailosRey Day 1,896, 07:24

Chile is not accepting the reality: Argentina and allies were the main responsables of the australins raws since the last weeks. If Chile considered that the pact is no longer valid, even though Australia has done everything correct, Australia should request assistance from the pact guarantees to resolved this situation.

Fibonacci Day 1,896, 12:54

@PailosRey: argentina is no part of any alliance.

Fibonacci Day 1,896, 13:44

I repet for all of you:
I entered eR 2 times... one round in Queensaland and 1 round in Victoria and THIS is what I saw..

@sir_constant: the damage from derkaderkas gave him 20 golds because BHs and CH and most important of all, PROPAGANDA, from the few 1% australians that did hit for Chile. good deal from a battle that they knew they'll loose. What about queensland?

JuanVM Day 1,896, 17:52

malditos chilenos nunca ganaran

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