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Day 1,695, 14:43 Published in Indonesia Indonesia by LarasDea
Hello Fellas!
Wherever you are, Whenever you read this, Whatever you do

"Things are better left unspoken. But well, just say what you wanna say." - LarasDea

This night, I haven't been sleeping. Stayin' up playing eRepublik and do some chat. Why?

It's not about the games. It's not about the chat. Nor the article that I've read.

It's all about the Community. That enjoy feeling when they're around. That awesome moment when they're talking right to you about anything. Trolled about everything. Even say something bad just to make everyone's laughing.

But still, I do doubt myself that Real Life still be my first priority. eRepublik is just a game, basically. Also a beautiful community that will never gone easily.

This is our world. This is your world. This one is gonna be your world, if you're interested to join us.

Join MoFA. Be one of eIndonesia Ambassador. It's not a job. It's all about your responsibility and honor to be one of eIndonesian.

Well that's all. Forgive all my bad words, if it does exist.

Keep Trying, Keep Believing, Keep Praying.

With love,

P.s : LOL never thought that I would wrote something like this 😛
P.P.s : Just CLICK
P.P.P.s : I've told you, CLICK 😛


IndoAssassin Day 1,695, 14:50


Abdul Muluk
Abdul Muluk Day 1,695, 14:54

bener2 ga tidur2 nih orang

Rbathin Day 1,695, 16:05


RyGnwn Day 1,695, 17:10

.k LarasDea maho

the4th Day 1,695, 18:13

bener2 maho nih orang

o0n3m00o Day 1,695, 18:21


orange day
orange day Day 1,695, 18:26


ScimitarInd Day 1,695, 18:33

hum, jadi ambassador dimana nih ?

Warrior69 Day 1,695, 18:49

bener-bener idup nih orang

dwardzz Day 1,695, 19:58

link kedua gabisa dibuka kk

Ardianta Jaka Prabawa
Ardianta Jaka Prabawa Day 1,695, 20:05

hai larasdea


Dendi Uzumaki
Dendi Uzumaki Day 1,695, 20:31

Ayo dong pada ikut program ambassador jangan pada pergi ke mall nya doang 🙁

koeprets Day 1,695, 21:19

Atas ane anak gaol yg suka ke mall.

Si Barda
Si Barda Day 1,695, 22:08

mall tongkrongan bang dendi

akmalaputra Day 1,695, 23:21

wow kk wow

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