Interesting articles in the New World

Day 561, 07:38 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

We have recently read some very interesting articles authored by eRepublik citizens, which are also written in English and are therefore available for a large audience. We would like to present these articles to you, as they did not gather enough votes to reach the international top rated news. We hope that you will enjoy reading them.

The Czech President Franz Kafka creates a parallel between the history of real life Czech Republic and the Czech eRepublik in this article. Under the name “Czech Republic - A Friend and Ally at the Heart of Europe," this article is a pledge for the neutral foreign policy, which has helped this country maintain its independence while being surrounded by larger countries that have been fighting for power.

An excellent analysis of recent military events can be found in the article Romanian Lion, by Dimitrij Ivanov. The latest military actions of Poland and Romania are covered in this article, and there is also a balanced argument on the need for peaceful negotiations between Serbia and Croatia.

Following the dissolution of ATLANTIS, the United States was left looking for new allies as it could no longer rely on the support of Romania, Spain, or Sweden . Gaius Julius gives us a few hints on what kind of alliance America needs. According to the article, the new alliance should provide economic advantages to its members, as the economy of the United States suffers from a lack of iron and overproduction of wood and grain. The conclusion points to the fact that the US leaders should avoid making a hasty decision, and that they should actively seek new allies.

Across the Pacific Ocean, citizen calibur urges Australians to abandon the isolationist policies and make their voices heard on the international political stage. Using a self made aphorism “Ye of little faith, know that it is through the people that countries achieve strength and power,” calibur tries to convince his fellow countrymen that if they stand united, everything imaginable can be achieved and Australia can become a country that actively gets involved in the politics of the New World. However, it was not long ago when Australia was struggling to defend itself from the invading Indonesians, who remain a potential threat to them. It remains to be seen whether the proposed solution, an alliance with Canada and the UK, will appeal to the Australian community. You may find out more about the debate in the article Australia and the World around her.

The last article presented was published in Ireland, and proposes a different approach toward eRepublik. Under the title Change is Needed in Ireland!, the Irish Citizen Front pleads that eRepublik should be treated more like a game, as too much seriousness can spoil the fun in it. Also, according to this article, some real life economic views are not fit for eRepublik, and
“limited amounts of communism and State control of the economy can be very successful.” It remains to be seen whether the Irish citizens will be convinced by this alternative to the other parties, or if they will find the views of the ICF to be Utopian.

As a last news, the Spanish version will be released on June 10th . The launch date has been delayed for one week so that the Spanish interface can be deployed on the eRepublik servers along with some high priority patches and bug fixes that will enhance the security of currency and items transactions. The five new South American countries will be released on the 10th of June as well, so this is going to be a big day for the New World.

The eRepublik Team