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Information about SAP and eItaly - 7/11/2012

Day 1,814, 04:05 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by anakin987
Hi e-citizens. I am anakin987, Head of Saudi Ambassadors Program (SAP) and Ambassador of eSA in eItaly.

In this article, you will read information about Saudi Ambassadors Program and eItaly.


eSaudi Arabia wants new members for the Saudi Ambassadors Program. If you know foreign languages, and if you want help eSaudi Arabia, contact me.
These embassies are vacant and very important: eCyprus, eIran, eChina and ePakistan.

Now, the members of Saudi Ambassadors Program are:
- anakin987 (Head of Saudi Ambassadors Program and Ambassador in eItaly);
- Gustav IV (Ambassador in eTurkey);
- Ahmed Ahmed 2 (Ambassador in eIsrael and Ambassador in the eUAE);
- killer of worlds (Ambassador in eGreece);
- Daniel Quayle (Ambassador in eEgypt, Ambassador in eUnited Kingdom and Ambassador in eBelgium);
- Ahmed Am (Ambassador in eNorway);
- Luis Figueiredo (Ambassador in the ePhilippines).


eItalian Cabinet:

Cp: prefetto
VCp: C14uz
VCp superpimpo
Mofa: Atlius
VMofa: faugnero
VMofa: millyi
VMofa: Fronte anarchico eitaliano
Moinf: Innocenti
Information Team: aweddiano, cicciarello, il liberista, wrennina
Moe: prefetto
VMoe: fiumo88 e abbodavi
Min. of welfare/home affairs: gregory IV
Vwelfare/home affairs: s.l.y
Vwelfare: benvenuti in california
Leader of tutors: dora85
Mod: neorux
VMod: cmax15 e tommaso crociera
VMod: leirin triskele
Cdsm: wolf127
Coordinator of MUs: incazzatonero


Active citizens: 2485
Regions: Calabria, Piedmont


Calabria: fish
Treasury: 99.30 Gold and 1725926.66 ITL
No embargoes
- food (income tax 9%; import tax 5%; vat 15%);
- weapons (income tax 9%; import tax 5%; vat 15%);
- food raw materials (income tax 9%; import tax 1%);
- weapon raw materials (income tax 9%; import tax 1%).
Minimum salary: 10 ITL


Top 5 parties:

1) Partito Comunista Eitaliano
2) Rinascita eItaliana
3) Aquila et Gladius
4) La Giovane eItalia
5) Libertà eItaliana

The best eItalian MUs:

- Esercito eItaliano
- Tanks 4 Life
- Elite eItaliana
- Audax

Official Newspapers:

- Gazzetta Ufficiale di Governo


> prefetto is the CP of eItaly and member of Partito Comunista eItaliano.
He was the CP of eItaly in 2011 (December). And in several eitalian Governments, he was the eitalian MoFA.

> Partito Comunista eItaliano and Rinascita eItaliana are the powerful political parties in eItaly.

> Rinascita eItaliana is a new eitalian party. This party, very quickly, has reached the top 5.
Many members of Rinascita eItaliana are also members of Tanks 4 Life, and they want less public money for Esercito eItaliano.

> Esercito eItaliano is the only public Military Unit in eItaly. Tanks 4 Life, Audax, Elite eItaliana and others are private MUs.

> Esercito eItaliano receives, every month, public money from eitalian Government.
Last month, however, the eitalian Government has enacted a new law: every month, eitalian Government must give 30,000 ITL to Elite eItaliana. Some soldiers of other private MUs have protested against this "discrimination".

> By eGreece help, eItaly keeps Calabria.



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