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Information about eCyprus

Day 1,819, 11:06 Published in Saudi Arabia Israel by legii
eCyprus Cabinet

President : rafor
Vice President : Alfadi (aka ali fadi)
Ministry of Defence : Noguts-Noglory
Ministry of Economy : kaniballos
Minister of Home Affairs : Kthniatros
Minister of Foreign Affairs : xam xam , Maya the bee , xSteviex
Storage of Cyprus : I will have the help of Lord Navets
Ministry of Education : ReMiiX
Ambassador to eGreece : Blacksat


Active citizens:408
New citizens today:2
Average citizen level:22-27
Regions:Northern Cyprus(Capital),Southern Cyprus,Tabuk


Country resources:

Northern Cyprus-Grain
Southern Cyprus-Fish


22.00 Gold
23686.19 CYP


Food(income tax 10%;import tax 1%;VAT 5%)
weapons(income tax 10%;import tax 1%;VAT 3%)
food raw materials(income tax 10%;import tax 5%)
weapon raw materials(income tax 10%;import tax 4%)

Minimum salary:1.00 CYP

Top 5 parties:

1)United Cyprus Party
2)Cypriot National Gard
5)Socialist Party of Cyprus


France-Expires in 10 days
USA-Expires in 23 days
Greece-Expires in 27 days

eCyprus is also at war with eEgypt, but there powers are often mached.



anakin987 Day 1,819, 11:46

Approved by the SAP Leader.

otyat Day 1,820, 05:42

min salary = 1 ......a bit cheap are they not?

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