Information about Divisions

Day 2,957, 09:35 Published in USA USA by Jomichka

Whether you are a new player or a player returning from having been gone since a time that predates divisions that started on 1665 you may wonder what the deal is. On the surface, you may see that basically it is a tier system for levels.

From Day 1665 until Day 2282 they were divided as such:

Division 1: 1 - 24
Division 2: 25 - 29
Division 3: 30 - 36
Division 4: 37+

They are now as follows:
Division 1: 1 - 34
Division 2: 35 - 49
Division 3: 50 - 69
Division 4: 70+

This division classification comes into play when you are fighting. Each division only does influence towards their own battle. So when a country goes to war and they open an attack on a region 4 battles open up. A D1 soldier then doesn't have to worry about what the D4 level 237 tank is doing necessarily because the damage that the tank is laying down won't be going towards the battle that the D1 soldier is dealing with.

This then brings about a curiously counter-intuitive strategy of avoiding gaining experience points and holding back on leveling up at certain points.

You will want to avoid hitting level 35 as long as possible because as long as you are under that benchmark you can work to become top dog of division 1. Each battle awards a Battle Hero medal, so it is possible as a D1 soldier to get a medal. If everything was all in one pool then it just simply wouldn't be possible as one of the high-level tanks would take it every time.

Why avoid level 35? If you see the logic, the moment you become level 35 you are now at the bottom rung of the new ladder known as Division 2.

I'm not an expert in all these areas, but this I have learned as I work to get back up to speed. Grow your strength as much as you can and if you are in D1 try to stay there as long as you can.

For more information about Divisions you can refer to this page also:

See you on the battlefield!