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India, time to clean some diapers![Retention Programme]

Day 1,814, 06:10 Published in India India by Uv Ajed

Thought of the day: "The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next."

Before we delve deeper into the steps involved in this retention programme here are some vital aspects of it, which will be discussed in detail later on.
Rewards: Depending on the type of the initiation step and the effort required to complete it. The new player will get rewards in the form of foods, weapons and in game currency aka cc or INR.
Points: Most of the initiation steps would also reward the new player with some points. These points can later be redeemed for Super Rewards after completing a month in the Game.
Mentors: The experienced old players who would take up the role of teachers for the new players. In return of their effort and time they would get remunerations based on the progress of their apprentice.
Donors The sponsors who would keep the project alive with the help of the govt. through their heartfelt donations in game and in real life.

So, What are the 9 steps of this so called retention programme?

Step 1 - Forum:

The new player has to register on
After completing the registration, he or she has to introduce herself/himself at
On completion of this step the new player will be assigned with a mentor who would eventually guide the new citizen through various features of the game.

After verification and assignment of mentor the new player will be rewarded with 2 nos. q7 weapons, 2 nos. q7 foods and 50 INR. He or she will also be rewarded with 15 points.

Step 2 - IRC:

The mentor will guide the new player to the irc(internet relay chat) of virtual India, hosted on the servers of Here the new player can introduce himself or herself to the community and fraternity of this wonderful eCountry.

On completion of this step the new player will be rewarded with 20 points

Step 3 - BRATS Military Unit:

The new player will then be guided to join the Official Training Military Unit of India "BRATS". He or She as such is required to kill 10 enemies in any war to become a full fledged Member of the MU. The MU commander or captain or mentor would guide the player through the military module of the game which includes building up the strength, help with mercenary medals, helping the allies and the country by fighting in various battles and eventually winning them, winning BH medals, completing daily battle orders of 25 kills, free weapons and foods for the completion of daily battle orders, etc.

On becoming the full fledged member of BRATS MU, the new player will get a reward of 3 nos. q7 weapons and 3 nos. q7 foods. He or she will also get 15 points

Step 4 - Political party:

On becoming level 13, the new player will be given a choice to join a political party of his/her liking. The party president and people running the party should make it a point to explain the congress laws, the concept of Political Take Over, etc. to the new player.

The reward for joining a political party will be decided and given by the Party President of the party the player joins. The new player will also get 10 points for completing this step from the govt..

Step 5 - Level 20:

With the new system introduced by the admins of erepublik it's fairly easy to be level 20 in a short duration. The Mentor can guide the players to achieve the same.

The reward for becoming lvl 20 will be 50 INR and 20 points

Step 6 - Newspaper:

On creating a newspaper and writing/publishing the first article, the new player can make his or her presence felt in the country's media. Any questions on this matter can be addressed by the mentor.

The reward for the completion of this step is 100 INR. The player will also we rewarded with 15 points.

Step 7 - Job & Hard Working Medal:

On being recruited by Indian Company Owners from the country's Job market for the first time. The new player would get 15 points. The mentors can guide the players to the best job offers.

On completing 30 days of work and getting the Hard Working medal for the first time, the new player would get 50 INR and 15 q7 foods and additional 10 points.
Note: For the 30 days hard working medal, working for Indian Company owners isn't a requirement.

Step 8 - Super Soldier Medal:

On getting the super soldier medal for the first time, the new player would get a reward of 50 INR and 5 q7 weapons and an additional 15 points

Step 9 - True Patriot Medal:

On getting the true patriot medal for the first time by fighting for India in the govt. approved battles, the new player will be eligible to earn a reward of 5 nos. q7 weapons, 5 nos. q7 foods and an additional 15 points.


The player will graduate after completing all the 9 steps of initiation. He or She will then receive a graduation gift of 100 INR, 5 q7 weapons and 5 q7 foods.
The name of the graduates along with their mentors will also be published under the title of "The eIndians of Future." at the end of every month by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Super Rewards

The points accumulated can be exchanged for Super Rewards which includes cash prize and gifts as mentioned below, after the player completes 1 month in the game.
75 points : 50 INR + 3 q7 foods
100 points: 100 INR + 1 q7 weapons + 4 q7 foods
150 Points: 200 INR + 2 q7 weapons + 5 q7 foods


The Mentor posts are open to all eIndians. Interested candidates can contact me via in-game PM. The remuneration of Mentors has been fixed at 50 cc for every step of the 9 Step initiation completed by their student and 100 cc on the graduation of the student. This makes a grand total of 550 cc per graduate mentored. The mentors will be provided with a personalized google doc to keep the records of their students and payments.
For becoming a mentor apply Here


The donors are more than welcome to support the cause and effort of the mentors and graduates for "the India of the future", we all have dream't of so far. Your support will form a vital mechanism in keeping the machinery of expansion and development of the state running ahead with the time.

My sincere request to everyone and anyone willing to be a part of this project, "take a step further and show what you can do for your country!"

1. No, your multi doesn't qualify for this programme.
2. The programme is open ONLY to the NEW players who have registered and created an account on and after Day 1813 i.e. 6th November 2012 in eIndia.
3. The new players are required to inform their mentors about their achievements who would, after proper verification, reward them. In case of any disparity a screenshot might be deemed necessary.
4. The new players can report and request for a new mentor in case the mentor assigned to them hasn't been doing his/her job properly. The old mentor might be axed from his/her job if several complaints are received.
5. The plan is open for discussion and debate. Any new ideas as such is highly welcome.
6. If the player changes his/her CS or MU, they will be disqualified from the programme.
7. The retention programme will form the foundation of the Babyboom project. Anyone interested to sponsor or contribute towards the babyboom project are welcome to do so. We will be entering into talks with few real life Internet Marketing Executives and freelancers in this matter. Incase you are one of them feel free to contact me.



Lonqu Day 1,814, 06:45

Looks like a promising start. o7

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,814, 07:16

nice start for newbies.....!!!

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,814, 08:53

Didn't you ragequit?

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,814, 08:54

didn't you read my last article : P

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,814, 08:58

Welcome back and voted, but I'm still not reading it : P

kapahii Day 1,814, 09:00


vigorious Day 1,814, 09:01

its really great help for newbies

BrknSword Day 1,814, 09:04

IMO It's Great Step for Newbies.Keep it up,UvAjed.

But bad luck for those newbies who registered their accounts before day 1,814 .

I suggest that we should count that day limit from 1,812.


ArawnLives Day 1,814, 09:15

Well done! Good plan. o7

DeadlyDemon Day 1,814, 09:28

Nice Initiative!!!...v+s

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,814, 09:30

brknsword made it 1813, coz many multis were born on 1812 😕

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,814, 09:34

Great work o7

Touck Day 1,814, 10:33

Hail Babyboom... Hail Retention!!!

MohanB Day 1,814, 17:40

Brilliant effort.... One of the best for newbie retention....

BrknSword Day 1,814, 19:27

kk,Uv Ajed.

Asmitatheone Day 1,814, 20:26

5000 INR + 200 q6 weps + 2000 q2 food to start off with.
more will come as i earn and as u need.

Teddyz Day 1,814, 20:53

Can we make some donations to this program ? How we do it ?

lHonouR Day 1,814, 20:54

Great initiative. Good luck mate..!!

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,815, 04:11

yes teddyz you can make donations it's open to all Indians. Just type the kind of donation you want to make we will contact you for it when required 🙂

Gaurav12 Day 1,815, 08:48

10k q2 food from me

ShockWavve Day 1,815, 18:50

/me here

Abhi347 Day 1,815, 22:03

great initiative, let me knw if u need any help.

Mav10 DK
Mav10 DK Day 1,815, 22:11

Looks legit ... this old ghost wants to support. Where does one donate? ^ _ ^
Drop me a pm, will ya. Will send across some gold.

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,816, 00:07

Need more mentors far we only have 1

destiny India
destiny India Day 1,830, 07:10

vote 44 and suscribe

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,832, 13:43

oh m in this program............hmmmm

where is my prz.

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,832, 13:46

i cmplet all 1 to 6 and 9 also

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