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INDIA defeated ENGLAND by 90 RUNS ( two days ago)

Day 1,771, 10:22 Published in India Thailand by Samnorugh

The T20 World Cup has started and India played two matches and winning in both of them. The win against AFGANISTAN was sure, but the spinner's magic on Sunday was superb. India scored an affordable 169 runs and set on the board 170 for the English to chase.ENGLAND however recorded the lowest run ever in T20 scoring a depressing 80 runs and leading the INDIANS to a fabulous victory.The indians were 169 for 4 whereas the Englanders scored 80 for all out in 14.4 overs.

So it is seen that INDIA is not a failure but a winner. In eRepublik too we have to fight like the WORLD WAR( which in cricket is World Cup).........

India's next match is with AUSTRALIA and we are looking forward for a win.

Jay Hind



lHonouR Day 1,771, 21:24


Rohan AnanthaKrishna
Rohan AnanthaKrishna Day 1,772, 04:33

Ok need to join a commentor stand........buuuut your cool so pls stay 😃

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,772, 15:56

fuq da fuqing queen

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