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India Congress - First View

Day 1,895, 04:42 Published in India Ireland by Death and Taxes

First I would like to thank my party India United and my party president vigorious for ensuring I was elected to congress, being put at the top of the queue is the utmost honour, but it should be pointed out that this is based on the fairness of my party. Next congress term owing to our rotational system I am likely to be at the bottom of the list! So if you are a young citizen and looking for your best chance to get into congress next term, I strongly advise you to join India United.

Now on to business.

For those of you that have never been to congress before, the first thing that happens is that you get a reward of 5 gold and an achievement. For most people, the achievement is the important thing as we all like filling in the medal table don't we?

Traditionally, experienced congressmen tend to donate their gold to either the countries finances or to younger citizens. I'm pleased to report that this congress is no different. The senior congressmen will be donating all their gold to assisting the younger citizens through B.R.A.T.S while the younger congressmen may decide to keep their money or not, with no pressure on them to do so.

When you get to congress you can click on the countries administration and find the following available options:

In congress you have two proposals that you can put forward during your term. Most of these proposals require a simple majority to be successful, but some, such as natural enemy or presidential impeachment require a super majority, or 66%.

A well organised congress will set down rules and guidelines clearly at the start of every congress to ensure that no-one does anything foolish. For example, let's pretend I am a new congressman and for patriotic reasons, decide that I want to declare a natural enemy as Croatia like thus:

First, this will cause a meltdown in relations between the two countries as our government will try and convince the Croatian government that this is a rogue proposal. Second, because the Croatian government is automatically informed about the NE proposal, they will launch an NE proposal themselves. All it takes then, is a few hotheads on both sides and we are in a war we cannot win and we get wiped again.

So it is pleasing to report that as soon as congress was formed, our CP xordin started a thread to include all 30 congressmen. Only 30 of course down to the number of regions we held at the congress deadline.

I'm not going to give any secrets away by showing you all the welcoming note as follows:

RULE ONE – Activity on Threads and IRC
It is critically important for a congress member to follow this rule – be online on the chat on IRC at least once per day (Room: #India). Getting involved in the discussions proves that you are alive.

RULE TWO – Law Proposals
Making law proposals and voting on them is a very important aspect of being a congress member. However, they are sometimes misused mainly because the congressmen are new and don’t know much about the laws they propose or the way eIndia works.
For the benefit of everyone each proposal must first be discussed here for atleast 24 hours before proposing in-game. This is to ensure proposals are not wasted – each member has only 2 proposals each term. After a law has been proposed, Congress should vote on that law accordingly. Ask an experienced player again if you are not sure whether to vote yes or no. Just don’t ignorantly press the button.

RULE THREE – Citizenship Passes
Congress members can grant citizenship to any citizen belonging to another country. THIS POWER IS HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO THE NATION – under NO circumstances are you to approve citizenship to anyone unless the HoC (to be appointed) or the Country President (currently me) inform you to accept it. This is for the SECURITY of eIndia, so please avoid accepting any unapproved citizens.

These are very important rules and all members are requested to adhere to the same. If anyone has any queries pls contact me or your respective Party Presidents.

Now this is hardly rocket science, and I'm sure this message has been a constant for some time, but it does rather drive the message home that congress is about practical decisions made on a consensual basis. The rather SCREAMING message about citizen passes only emphasises what we all know. India is a very large country with very nice bonuses, and not withstanding our Croatian neighbour, is a prime target for a political takeover. So if people are a little paranoid, it's forgiveable.

Next up is the election to Head of Congress (HC) or Speaker. The individual appointed acts as a conduit between congress and the government, and also represents congress to the citizens.

It is pleasing that in this term, we have two congressmen putting themselves forward for HC in Cadfan and Dinesh Raju. Both will write an article about what they 'bring to the table' and whoever writes the best article 'wins' Head of Congress - a thankless task. Congratulations and best wishes to both of you.

Unfortunately, some congressmen just can't help themselves like mourya here:

As you can see, because this proposal was not even discussed it will be shot down in flames. This is one problem in promoting inexperienced citizens into congress, although it does let you know quickly which ones are any good. My suggestion is that the age profile of the citizen isn't important, but I would expect them to make an effort like uploading a profile picture and having a newspaper so at least we get to know what they are about and thinking.

Last thing. I have one wish for congress this term, and that is we put a proposal either as a referendum to the people, or as a vote in congress to join CoT. We are currently in Limbo and this must end as soon as possible.

I will be back shortly with another congress report. If any citizens would like to see new laws enacted or discussed, please converse with your party president, your congress members or just PM me. All suggestions will be entertained.



MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,895, 04:44

Nice immigration policy. Ireland could certainly learn a thing or two about it.

sourabhkmr Day 1,895, 04:53


Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,895, 04:57

voted DnT ... nicely explained

Lonqu Day 1,895, 04:57


Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,895, 05:25

Good work.

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,895, 06:01


Ind1anMartyr Day 1,895, 06:20

Superb article ... thanks D & T!! and welcome to Congress!! o7

ShockWavve Day 1,895, 06:50

I hope "facepalm" party is reading the article's congressmen are setting new records


Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Day 1,895, 06:58

Great article.. o7

Nagaraj Suraj
Nagaraj Suraj Day 1,895, 07:31


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,895, 09:18


Bigmike727 Day 1,895, 09:40

Best of luck in eIndian Congress Death and Taxes o/ Should serve eIndia well

GouthamKrishnan Day 1,895, 20:26

Congrats on elecion. And you have explained the duties of Congressman very well.... o7 Added to Newbie Guides.

vigorious Day 1,896, 01:24

congrats DnT once again and very well written article.

Asmitatheone Day 1,896, 03:53


Zinaa Day 1,897, 01:42

Belated congratz D& u only need a mustache to blend in lol

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