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INDIA'S FUTURE- still hazy?!!

Day 1,860, 01:36 Published in India Thailand by Samnorugh

For the past few months our nation has been involved in some devastating wars among which the INDONESIANS have shaken us from the base. We have been accumulating army. we have a moderate army but as the introductory mail says -each and every soldier counts. The indonesians are saying that their reason for such a strong attack is to wipe out the croatians. But the question is can we rely on them? Recently we have been betrayed by the croatians- When we asked them to get off the rent and get our regions back we have met strong resistance. They have some reasons for such a force which i am not currently aware of but every time our efforts have been wasted in water.

Our armies have been scattered. but we have to try get back our regions from croatia.despite the huge damages we are just like an ant facing an elephat. But we must remember that an ant can bring tears in an elephant's eyes.

We have to cooperate and work hard together. Supplies shall be given. encouragement shall be given . players must be recruited. Newbies and pros shall disscuss the matters openly. We must arrange ourselves properly.

We shall be respected and worshipped and must show tolerance with other nations and religions. We have the distinction of the only secular and friendly country in world. Let us show our true colours.

Your sincere serviceman



ShockWavve Day 1,860, 03:38


Bharmal Day 1,860, 09:49

We can not hold our selves to the mercy of other powerful nations.
If we are not treated with respect, we will fight and if it comes to death, we will die with honour

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,860, 19:56

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,861, 10:09

v+s good job

I need 3 gold for training 3 🙁

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