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India's Future

Day 2,069, 07:28 Published in India India by Khurram Soul Collector

"Last 2 months we saw how hard the Indian nation fought for freedom, as a result of all those efforts we've still "ONE" region. just one region? what can we do to get our freedom back, to liberate Mother India?" These questions were asked to Chief of National Security M. Khurram in Navin Bapu Show.

Chief's reply was simple "We can't deny the efforts and hard work of our President Uv Ajedand his team. After all efforts we got to meet Croatian and Albanian delegations."

President meeting with Albanian and Croatian delegation, to discuss important issues. This photo was taken by Agent Fjabi.

Last week we heard Croatian and Albanian Presidents in Press Conference. Where they clearly indicated there future plans.

Croatian President Antollos stating "What we did in past, we did because we didn't have any other option. We promise to stay in peace with India if we're assured that Chief's Army 'll not target Croatian Bases."

Later Albanian President VisarJ addressed the press "We had to move in India because we were forced by Serbia, we had to take regions because Bulgaria was planning to come in. We're ready to free Indian regions if we get back our 413 soldiers who were captured by Chief's Army."

Last evening our communication expert, Captain Avadra caught IPhone messages between Croatian and Albanian President.

We're thankful to Prof. Shockwavve for translating it for us.

Late night, famous political analyst Arminder had a discussion with Chief in a political tv show "11th hour with eWolverine". Chief made it clear and open to Indian people "If you want freedom?.... then join Chief's Secret Army. If you want strong India?..... then vote for India First."

Jai Hind


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Vote for India First!
Vote for a Better India!

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lol voted o7

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