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Independent Voices PP elections from binksys point of view

Day 1,821, 17:10 Published in Ireland Ireland by binksy

Now considering i am only back to Ireland a few short days some may feel that this is a small bit conceited and i would generally agree but hey im an e-Retiree so indulge me some here 😛

So we come to the bones of it here :
The candidates who may i say are some serious choices
now i have been out of contact with these for easily a year maybe 2 who knows 🙁
but based on what i know of these 2 from memory i can only say to start with that we cannot really lose out here folks and i mean that

Now to the bossman apparent James kellier who was an up and coming all those days ago who was full of fresh ideas and has by now been tempered by experience and is as solid as he ever was
he knows the political scene and how to work it (hell me and vesty didnt even know you voted by party for congress now til the other night like 😛 )

i for one will be very interested to see how he would run the show and will wish him the best of luck

some highlights i know of
he currently runs an MU and is a 12 time congressman so an old hat here 🙂

Now the challenger we have brianvesty who back then was simply vesty until his account was hacked by topgun in one of the bigger scandals of the day back then haha good times ( i was left in peace 😛 )
now vesty was one of the early members and in a sence one of the founding fathers of this party back in the day he has seen this party go to the top and knows what it takes to do it
this guy was just about to make his break i feel when that scandal broke and his account was hit for multing because of it and as such he was cut short but here he is as ugly as ever and i hope you will all give him his fair chance as i plan to
vestys achievements that i know if
uglyest £^£%Y" to walk the earth to date
2 times congressman

now my vote will go to vesty
care to speculate where yours will go ??

as i have said earlier these is a win win people i like and respect both candidates and the reason vesty gets my vote is very simply i feel an injustice was done against him and i want to right that
with the right support he can easily counter james's experience

james is as you will no doubt know safe as houses and i wish him all the best of luck 😃

now lest have some fun on the way up the ladder this month folks

as ever
all the best



BrianVesty Day 1,821, 18:37

Ugliest? When was the last time you looked in the mirror? 😛

I was an 8 term congressman with the ISRP and also a financial minister, foreign diplomat to various countries and I ran some state companies for a time as well xD

But that was a long time ago. I'd like to get back into the politics of this game and help my party and my country.

binksy Day 1,821, 18:52

what vesty said ^^

moomoohead Day 1,821, 19:15

two good guys, good for IV. Does anyone know if TG still plays? he had another charicter but have not seen him around in a while.

binksy Day 1,821, 19:16

i havent seen him in aaagggeeessss

James Keiller
James Keiller Day 1,822, 01:06

Looks like I failed to capture the grey vote. ;_;

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