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In memory to Don KronoX

Day 1,917, 10:14 Published in Belgium Belgium by Tony Clifford
I republish in Belgium this message from KrMa. I will partecipate, I hope other eBelgians will follow.

Dear readers,

Today, I want you to be informed to join a commemoration. Surely you know that Don KronoX died last year, Slovenian excellent player. One-year anniversary memorial service will be held in Slovenia in a battle that was also one of his last. So we call on international community to have a shock.

So on 19.2.2013 (Don KronoX the first anniversary of his death), in the evening at 21:00 there will be a common shock, which will be coordinate in the #donkronox_inmemoriam room. The battle is determined, so those who want to be part of a common shock, from 20.00 on Tuesday also go up to the room and there will be information regarding the battle.

For now, Avatar will not be shared, each with their own avatars strike.
I ask everyone who feels that want to be part of a common shock, the Tuesday (19.2.) in 20.00 Rizon #donkronox_inmemoriam go up to the room where we hit at 21.00 to remember Don KronoX

On 19.2. 2013 in 20:00 we gather in Rizon #donkronox_inmemoriam and wait till 21:00 to have common shock

Don Kronox

Regards from commander of AngryAngels


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BrunoCND Day 1,917, 10:19

Unfortunately my problem isn't solved : ( so i can't

Gyantse Day 1,917, 12:00


Srnica Day 1,917, 13:04


Ekfant Day 1,917, 13:04


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,918, 03:10


tommot Day 1,918, 04:45

I can't be there at that time, but you have my respect to the man.

Albus Day 1,918, 05:12


Kaad Day 1,918, 09:14

Good ally of TWO leaving...

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