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Day 1,845, 16:43 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Alphabethis

In appleblem

(I've taken applebis,is (third decleansion), the title is something
like "against appleby" in Latin)

This article is a critical analysis of Appleby's article.
First the entire and numbering each issue:
[Vote for Me] I Have Money - Part 2, Running out of Money
21 • 5 hours ago • United Kingdom • Political debates and analysis
Political debates and analysis

1. Running out of money is apparently bad for your national health
1. The nice picture of Europe... well, basically Bank of England has a
machine of making money, in Europe there's another one controlled by
... Germans.

Dear friends,

A couple of days ago those of you I count amount my loyal (and most
generous) readers will have been subjected to a most uncharacteristic
level of moralfagging. It is with great reluctance that I find myself
releasing part 2 of it today. But I hope, rather than spending too
much time berating the current political situation in the eUK I shall
attempt to explore what I consider to be some of the more fundamental
problems we as a community find ourselves in.

2. And it is in the
interests of working to solve these problems, together, that I will do
my best to keep a straight face and embrace a much more inclusive
philosophy of recognising we are all players with the noble quest, at
the very least, of trying to enjoy the game.

2. Apparently, more and more people are enjoying the game, just have a
look at BigAnt's cabinet. Look at people who have been playing for
months or years and now are playing TOO. So the philosophy of
recognising and enjoy the game is in the veins of New Era, you're just
given the opportunity without any compromises or dictates. And this is
a POLICY. The Policy OF FUN.

2. There's not something called economy and other different thing
called politics, there's a single entity called economic-policy or
political-economy. Basically, politics is about assigning resources to
certain groups of people ( the poor masses, the middle classes or the
top elites). We , New Era, prefer to assign it to the
average eUKer, much more than the eventual Polish or Serb guy in a war
where eUK is at risk of being wiped. Yes, that's the whole point of
the reserve of "war": Money for the FOREIGN MERCENARIES ALLIED
TROOPS. We're reassigning treasury money directly to the people of
eUK, and that's a POLICY, not a handout.

But I’d like to make the argument that this is no longer so much a
game as an auction house. And for one very simple reason:-

You cannot make a natural profit in any realistic circumstance beyond
your own companies. It is unprofitable to employ anyone. The
government operates on usually less than a third of its revenue since
Plato dropped its ‘non-existent’ bot, making a national army
unfeasible. In short, the actual financial firepower of the community
and its own government can very easily be outsourced by even a
moderate ‘gamer’ that is prepared to make it worth the admins’
while. And it is when people such as these do go through with their
magic wand that entire communities are built up and sustained through
what I can only call the magic tap.

3. But it is not necessarily the magic tap that keeps these types of
parties alive (as by its use in the system is has necessitated the
creation of other ‘taps’ as a rival bid). It is the unavoidability of
the brute fact that in a fundamentally unprofitable system, the
biggest hand-out is King. And so the system is created where political
parties’ authority is simply based on the strength of their

3. ESO has the strongest base of wealthy players: Emergy, Elle Roslin,
jamesw... But it's the perfect counter-example that a PARTY without
POLICIES has NO FUTURE. On the other hand, we have some parties that
used to be small and now they're big, neither UKPP neither NE flood
their members with free weapons or food ( believe it or not). But,
it's true that interesting parties, like WRP, never grow accordingly
to the real POLICIES they implement. Finally, when we talk about
policies we're not referring to yet another "international" talk among
Serbs, Polish and Keers (or Appleby or Kravenn), no we're referring to
yet-another day of supporting Macedonia in Greece. UKRP and TUP lack
any, I stress, any POLICY about getting any military effective force
that would make eUK break its current boundaries into Canada, South
America, East Europe,... into HAVING FUN.

4.High up on their podiums I do wonder how party leadership
make out the beliefs and values of their changing member base. And
when the only action of these party leaderships is to do the weekly
rounds I think you get a good impression of just what that is.

4. To start with, we don't have even party leaderships, BUT, we have
all, support. It may sound strange but the strength of NE is not
derived from one or two enlightened individuals "a la Keers" or "a la

5. When
actual political value itself is eroded, when fair participation and
contention is mutated by artificially clogging up the top 5 parties as
well as media;

6.when the only item on the agenda is divide and rule –
this is not just an auction but a chilling collide of puppet shows.

7.And it is necessarily in the great plot of this puppet show that the
old relics and institutions are washed away in the new political tide
of ‘how to be legends/free from the elite’.

8. If you are active enough
to read this then you’re probably well aware that UK Reform has been
knocked out of the top 5 by Alfa’s new host the far-left UK
Independence Party. It is a fair victory that after all these years he
has finally managed to do it, albeit with his 3rd official attempt
([18:26] <Alfagrem> so if we assume the mission was to knock UKRP out
of top 5 then it's 3). However, I find some solace in that though
poached down to our core, we find some value from our principles that
no amount Q7s he has continually offered our membership has been
enough to do the job .

But it is in this fiendish last paragraph that I finally address the
point of running out of money. As most run out of money under the
current system it is important to bear a few things in mind.

9. One, It
is the first duty of any government to ensure it keeps a balanced
book. This needs reflected diligence on taxes with a careful but
considerate hand on tax rebates for citizens that genuinely need
it. It is something that any CP should be aware of (and any MoF
usually IS aware of). Two, the community itself should be trying to
bring people to the collective table rather than effectively forcing
people into a much narrower party political position.

10. We should be
presenting a more inclusive and productive front and setting an
example. The attractiveness of what we can offer as a National
Community should be the first and foremost means of ensuring National

11. If we act as sordid competing tribes in the drag act of
selective charity then we will continue to deserve very much what it
has coming to us. But it is through a considered reflection of true
political value, of a chance for debate, the civility to put down the
metaphorical gun for just a moment and get to know the other fellow
players of your community. If you are one of the few that stays around
for eRep then there must be something wrong with you – but it is
through this severe fault of personality that you have something in
common with everyone else.

12. It is perfectly within our means to progress together, in unity, for a
new era; every single one of us, reformed: as a people.

It would just be helpful if there was a bit more to it than a few
tanks here and there.



P.S. If anybody wants to get in on our community minecraft server,
drop me a message

That was the original with some numbering on the points to be refuted
by me in the following lines.

5. When actual political value is eroded... play minecraft, sorry, but
I see no POLICY in UKRP or TUP about Defense, Economy, Foreign Affairs, other than
let things run as usual, which boils down to have a nightmare of MUs
everyone competing for damage or BH, no clear idea about taxes or
treasury, and diplomatic constraints that make people feel

6. The (new Era) agenda is PROPOSE policies ( for example, strengthen our military and be bold, trying to invade "something" (Canada, Finland,...), do some kind of military TRAINING, coordination beyond the call to arms or strikes in IRC), let people play (Huey, new players,... ) and
let other people do their minecrafting or write yet-another historical
compilation of Serbian wars of 2009.

7. Institutions that mock people, that bash people, like the nice IRC
and forum moderators, or our "biased" King ? Of course, they have to
BE WASHED AWAY or cleaned inside out.

8. Sorry to hear you have been knocked out now.... You should have
been knocked out ONE YEAR AGO.

9. High taxes mean rampaging blackmarket, live with that fact, and
yes, this is yet another POLICY ( not minecrafting).

10. How many times TUP or UKRP have included people of other parties
in government or parliament ? (tic-tac, tic-tac.,.... TIME!) Never.

11. I can't help TUP or UKRP behave as sordid tribes...sorry.

12. We, New Era, are the true reform that will bring progress, in a
real unity of every single one,
working for our rights, because, most of us are workers that share a
common aim of having fun in
this game, independently of coarsed minecrafting elites.

13. BTW, Gladiator's home, Merida, errm, Emerita Augusta resembles
quite a lot Rome, city with hills surrounded by wealthy plains. Those
wheat fields would be PLAINS in Emerita Augusta (and surroundings).

Dr. Hugh's

Don Dapper's lottery for New Era members

Astronomy and presentation of New member




Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 1,845, 17:36

Didn't read, this is an awful way to layout an article.

FragUK Day 1,845, 19:05

lol`d o7

Bohemond4 Day 1,845, 21:34

lol'd. anyone with any inkling of the facts about other parties will see clearly that you are wrong

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,845, 22:32

Voted and per usual Alpha. Apart from biased opinions I dont think anybody could disagree with you that this months Government has been fun and a breath of fresh air.

Keep up the articles because freedom of opinions are what makes liberty so valuable.

By the way point 4...nail on the head Sir O7

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,846, 03:14

would be nice if you wrote your responses right under the sections you are replying to, would save me a lot of scrolling.

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,846, 03:21

You seem very confused, I'm not sure you understood what you are responding to.

That said I would be very interested in hearing your policy on how to become a fighting force that could expand into Canada.

You common policies seem to be 'a la Dapper' or 'a la Goku'. Sure you all agree with the hand that feeds you, but agreeing with your leaders is really the same as what you accuse TUP and UKRP of.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,846, 03:26

The layout is a bit funny, how did you get it only going halfway across the page?

Good article despite that!

Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 1,846, 03:37

As previously mentioned, change layout.

You have also failed to address the core issue of the article(s), or take into account any factor that may have an effect (i.e ESO are rich, but they're somewhat less active these days)

But keep trying, you'll make it one day

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,846, 04:26

"But keep trying, you'll make it one day" lol

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,846, 16:45

crAppleby got owned. (Probably)

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