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In a big minus [Kiko]

Day 1,859, 13:58 Published in South Africa Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Uber kiko

Special thanks to Aexil Kong Junior for writing an article about this in Macedonian! And to Lockerzi for motivating him ^^

Hello, i decided to write an article about my current economical situation.

As you may know or not know, i was temporarily banned for something i didn't do, and that's make multiple accounts. One fine day i got the idea of selling weapons for a high price (All of the other people did the same, i didn't want to use those weapons at the time) and some idiots bought them. The next thing i did is that i reported what was going on to the admins, because i didn't want to get banned for it. Here are all of the tickets, including the appeal for the ban.

Oh and btw i'll post an update every week (28/03/14: LOLNOPE):

Also, list of people who sent me stuff:
1. mkdfighter97 has transferred 1 Gold to your account.
2. Naluteniot has transferred 40 ZAR to your account.
3. kuckuck has transferred 25 Weapons to your storage.
kuckuck has transferred 300 Food to your storage.
4. LiquidIce has transferred 5 Gold to your account.
LiquidIce has transferred 49 Weapons to your storage.
5. klcahmt has transferred 250 ZAR to your account.
klcahmt has transferred 1 Gold to your account.
klcahmt has transferred 15 Weapons to your storage.
klcahmt has transferred 300 Food to your storage.
6. Claudio KiIgannon has transferred 1000 ZAR to your account.
7. Taargus Vandergriff has transferred 5000 ZAR to your account.
8. Denis SpirOooO has transferred 1.34 ZAR to your account.
9. Wacky368 has transferred 500 ZAR to your account.
10. Gregor Lucius has transferred 5000 ZAR to your account.
11. Lockerzi has transferred 2000 ZAR to your account.
Lockerzi has transferred 30000 ZAR to your account.
12. TashaMKD has transferred 200 ZAR to your account.
TashaMKD has transferred 15 Weapons to your storage.
13. You have accepted 10000.00 ZAR from Arrlo.
14. You have accepted 1000.00 ZAR from ppandp.
15. You have accepted 2216.77 ZAR from IleSolider.
16. You have accepted 10.00 Gold from LiquidIce.
17. You have accepted 500.00 ZAR from Aliss Wonder.



Kumulonimbus555 Day 1,859, 14:27

1st ke ti pomine kako na kutre

Dule87 Day 1,859, 14:47

Look at my last 2 articles.

Правда овде не живи !

kuckuck Day 1,859, 15:27


Badger06 Day 1,859, 21:00

thats one side of the story let us see admin respons

atrawall Day 1,859, 21:56


Kiko, Try talking to Crumoet. He may be able to help a bit.

Rexdeus Day 1,859, 22:36

Incompetence, can one call it anything else?

AdUnit Day 1,860, 23:05

Maybe you shouldn't have multiple accounts then? 😛

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,860, 05:36

@AdUnit Does it look like i had multies?

AdUnit Day 1,860, 13:55

If you do then you aren't doing it right.

Wacky368 Day 1,860, 21:28

Kinda sucks!

LiquidIce Day 1,861, 00:59

Happy holidays!

BalkanskaEbanka Day 1,867, 17:40

Don't lie the people you create multi accounts and to make fast gold you set them second on the congress elections list on your party 🙂

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,875, 17:57

@BalkanskaEbanka lol that was my sister you tw@t. And this was for the market, not refferal gold or any donations.

Denis SpirOooO
Denis SpirOooO Day 1,875, 18:41

You have successfully donated 1.34 IRR. This amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.

AsT89 Day 1,876, 07:58

pocni si podobro od nula i taka imas slab str za devizija 4

dimzaaa Day 1,876, 07:58

Дека банираат безвезе не верувам. Дека си чист исто не верувам. Барем кажи си искрено, кој признава пола му се простува. Тогаш ќе ти пратам 😉

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,876, 11:24

@AsT89 Brat nema shansi nogu trud imam vlozeno u vaj akaunt a ima i interesna istorija
@dimzaaa Abe ja ne te teram da prakjash, ako sakash prati, ako ne ne prakjaj, toa si e tvoja rabota. A se e objasneto u statijata. Pa tvoe e isto taka da veruvash ili ne.

xDfactorx Day 1,909, 08:07

Comment deleted

the minus club!

eKomita Day 2,069, 11:11

Pa im prekurcilo da im prakas ticketi, da ne si im prakal ke ostanese odbaniran i vo plus

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