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Improve #Indianarmy Program

Day 1,747, 00:46 Published in India India by kapahii

Hello eIndians,

I am starting my newspaper “eIndian Mirror” , as the name suggest i will reflect (mirror) my views about the happenings in eIndia.

I am not a good writer, but I am interested in writing short articles about what I feel, my views can be wrong and if I am wrong then please correct me by commenting on the articles.


This is my first article but without much ado, i want to straight away mirror my views about the woeful state of #indianarmy program.

Once this program was going very well, we were able to get food & weps instantly as when we asked for it but now we always have to wait long for weps & food. There was also rewards system earlier but now there’s no sign of it. The website where we used to apply for food & weps is not active anymore, and we apply for weps on a separate website form. We are not able to track our requests 🙁

I want government to improve the #indianarmy program,
-Increase the no. of dispatchers so that always someone is present in the IRC channel of #indianarmy.
-And bring back that rewards system, that really makes the game exciting.
-If possible then repair up the ereptracker, it's a great tool.

According to Finance Report by Rebelash, theres not enough Assets present, I understand that… but how long it will be like this, something needs to be done, please look into this matter and renovate the #indianarmy program…


As for now, I have this much to say, will be back soon with a new article… Till then happy eFighting, o7



lHonouR Day 1,747, 00:48

xordin was here...

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,747, 01:15

rainy was here too...

hiya, xordin

lHonouR Day 1,747, 01:30

waz up u been 😃

BrknSword Day 1,747, 01:34

Good luck for your new newspaper.

kapahii Day 1,747, 01:39

thanks BrknSword

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,747, 01:46

finally getting back on track, xordin

Bhishk, your paper looks very good. Concerning the program, is the problem not enough hands to help because of recent holidays and the time of year? Or something else?

kapahii Day 1,747, 01:57

thanks rainy sunday,

i have just highlighted various problems concerning me while applying for weps, in my article. i assume others might also be experiencing the same problems.

ereptracker was a great tool, dunno why it's not in a working state.

Rohan AnanthaKrishna
Rohan AnanthaKrishna Day 1,747, 01:58

It's everything else rainy 😕

guessit Day 1,747, 02:02

I agree with the dispatch problems. The reward system stopped right when I joined this game (how unlucky !). If you get the reward system back, it would be an encouragement no doubt. And our income seems to be good now. The game's economy module is very bad and that's affecting people.

I am with you, in re-implementing the reward system.

Also, the number of dispatchers online and the times they are online's worrying. Before, people were online almost always when I requested.

guessit Day 1,747, 02:03

(Continued) We need more food dispatchers. I gave a request like 2 days back, and still haven't received the dispatch.

Summarizing everything, as you said dude, reward system should be re-implemented, and the no. of dispatchers should increase.

Funny that, when there was no war, dispatchers were online, now there's a war..and no sign of people even in peak hours.

Rohan AnanthaKrishna
Rohan AnanthaKrishna Day 1,747, 02:06

Guessit it right again 😛
We need more dispers. Problem is that no one responds to the forms we fill in. The reward system isn't my concern though but will be very useful to newbies

kapahii Day 1,747, 02:12

yeah reward system is very useful,

As a newbie, i won 17,500 rupees as reward during those days, the govt. people should bring it back, it's of great help to newbies,

no. of food dispatchers should also be increased...

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,747, 03:43

When you need weaps and food, nobody responds in chat, you apply and wait. If you apply and fight and take a screen shot, you've to run behind people to be dispatched for ss.
Amazingly no authority figure is commenting here!!!

Domnic Day 1,747, 05:50

I am up to become a dispatcher. I requested it several times to the gov. I asked several to use my services as i remain online for more than 12 hours in a day. That's too everyday.... No body responded so far. Even I also face problem while getting supplies. Doesn't matter how many times u have applies u always have to ping a dispatcher once they are online.

Should not be like this......Sort out the data and see who have received most of the supplies. upgrade them to dispatchers

Asmitatheone Day 1,747, 06:29

I will make a small observation:
the reward bhishk got is equal to 2 days earning of the govt.
wont challenge your intelligence by asking you if it is possible any more....

Sumit Menon
Sumit Menon Day 1,747, 07:51

I think the government should scrap the free distribution scheme altogether. Clearly it can't afford to do it anymore. The article says that there is a deficit of 655K every month. We have reserves for only 7 months. What after that? The only plausible way is to raise the taxes. This means people will make even less currency. If the govt stops distributing, people will be forced to buy. This should normalize the prices. Wages should increase as a result.

Antich Bananich
Antich Bananich Day 1,747, 08:09

Cause of the economy module everything changed. Moreso with implementation of Q7 weps which are way to expensive. And at the same time we can't sell Q5 or Q6 weps.

I suggest for the time being:

DIV1 - dispatches only Q5 weps
DIV2 - dispatches Q6 weps
DIV3 and DIV4 - dispatch Q7 weps

All those weps should be bought directly from eIndian market/citizens so we keep our economy in check. Maybe even less qouality weps, but bring back the reward.

Antich Bananich
Antich Bananich Day 1,747, 08:13

The real trick is to spend all your food fights (FF) with or without wep. That is the cheapest way of leveling here.

Q7 weps are wasted on lower divisions. We need to calculate the best option, which is maybe Q3 or Q4 for lower divisions.

I would hate to see indianarmy program shutting down. Better to dispatch anything and keep ppl active, then wait for Q7.

Also i'm very glad to see so many active citizens on this article xD

kapahii Day 1,747, 08:15

well said Antich Bananich, "bring back the reward",

when there is reward system, people try harder, fight harder, to get the reward, this way both government and citizens are benefited,
govt. get the damage and citizens get the reward...

Rebelash Day 1,747, 08:26

Well certainly their are faults in many of the observations in many of the comments made ......... I will reply to this article with an article of my own tomorrow and will take apart each comment for my own curosity and satisfaction......

Well of the 4 ppl running the govt 2 are having jobs .... so in office from 9 AM and reach home back at atleast 8 PM and the other 2 are in college having almost same timings i guess ....... so it gets lil hard to reply to all articles but we try ...

Lonqu Day 1,747, 08:31

This is actually a good article, encouraging debate.

When Kismu founded IA under my presidency, the main challenges facing us was time management. We did not have many dispatchers at the time, but requests were promptly dealt with, simply because the program was small and easy to manage. In fact, our main concerns were generating interest.


Dhanush Tripathy
Dhanush Tripathy Day 1,747, 08:34

The reward system should be brought back . Maybe reduce d reward but bring it back .

Lonqu Day 1,747, 08:34

Now IA is a large program, indeed the flagship program of govt. More resources and personnel are needed, making it much harder to run. In addition to this, recent cuts and a general unwillingness to remove anything major, have made it very, very difficult to handle. So basically you could say we had no choice but to remove the rewards, or risk making IA even lower in quality.


Lonqu Day 1,747, 08:37

As for dispatcher availability, that is dependent on timezone and when ppl are available. Nowadays, all we do is appoint dispatchers without any view towards organising them to cover as much time periods as possible. In this regard, then, perhaps the govt will need to improve things.

In short, some things are impossible due to our income. If you want some aspects of the program back, other aspects will have to go. IA in short has become VERY expensive to run.


Lonqu Day 1,747, 08:39

Granted, it is our most important program. But we must have some sense in running it, and we must also recognise that we cannot add any improvements which require money, else govt risks running at a loss.

anshulgarg7 Day 1,747, 09:03

i think we should stop dispatching weapons after a certain level and should start reward system. This is just my thinking.

mali mrnjo
mali mrnjo Day 1,747, 09:17

Antich has a good point. Buy lower q wep from our market for Div 1 and 2... New players come, try the game for a week and go away... no point in wasting expensive wep for small dmg. I understand we want to help them rank faster etc. but on 10 new players, my guess is only one will stay long enough to enter div 3 or 4. Buy lower Q for noobs and help economy.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,747, 12:19

Lower Div should be focused more on str training, not so much on rank pts.

guessit Day 1,748, 05:16

I totally agree with some of the comments made here.

1. Dispatch system should be brought back

2. Lower Quality weapons for Div1 people, we have less than 10% guarantee that they'd even hit div2. So, we can cut the spending there

3. Div1 , Div2 guys should focus on str training. More than rank points. (rainysunday)

4. If people can't be online most of the time, then get active players to be dispatchers.


guessit Day 1,748, 05:18

5. The reward system would encourage people to play the game. 7K INR is like 10-11 gold per week, and that is not a small amount (not to mention the salary of some people).

6. If you reduce the rewards, no problem, but it should at least be 2-3K for encouragement.

Economy of eIndia has a great chance to improve, if at least some of the ideas are re-implemented.

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