Important aspects of the game

Day 4,271, 08:45 Published in Netherlands Serbia by ULTRASERB1.

This article will remind you on important aspects of the game that you may have forgotten about. These aspects of the game do not need modification or refinement, as they have reached the peak of usefulness.

Rocket Factory

"By owning a Rocket Factory you will be able to produce your own rockets that will give you more damage in a battle. The factory as building can be found in the Advanced buildings page at My places, while the production of the rocket is done in the Storage".

I realized that I own a Q2 rocket factory and I want to emphasize the profitability of producing these rockets. Therefore, 20 weapons from Q1 to Q6 quality are required to produce a Q2 quality missile which deal 250,000 of damage in a battle, and by current weapon prices on the international market, mathematics is simple: 20 * Q1 (1,6 per piece) + 20 * Q2 (2,75 per piece) + 20 * Q3 (5 per piece) + 20 * Q4 (9 per piece) + 20 * Q5 (19 per piece) + 20 * Q6 (39 per piece) = 1,530 of currency (2,5 Gold).

Increasing the quality of missiles increases the number of weapons needed and thus the price of the missile, and the difference in the damage that the missile inflicts is insignificant in this moment of the New World. Of course, like other factories, upgrading these factories costs 70 Gold for Q3 Factory, 170 Gold for Q4 Factory etc.


Start producing rockets today!

Local Government

"On Day 3,468 (May 19, 2017), eRepublik announced that Mayor role is coming back to eRepublik after Residence and Cities were announced".

I would like to say a bit more about local elections, the local assembly and the mayor, but since the administration does not have more precise information, this will not be possible for now.


Stay patient.


"Aviation's corresponding skill is perception, but according to the admins it will never be implemented for actual use, to avoid creating huge gaps as happened with ground battles. As a result of having constantly 0 perception level, new players can now compete with old players more easily".

However, we still all have a section on profile reserved for perception and we have long awaited the implementation of this aspect of air battles.


Don't have high expectations.

Health Kit

There is a myth among players that this is the most unnecessary feature in the game. It gets serious here, though, as I have personally convinced myself of the necessity of Health Kit. Today, when I was shooting for BH, somehow I miscalculated the number of experience points needed for the next level, so I stayed on 459,999 experience poimts, with no energy. To avoid missing the chance of getting nearby 1,000 free additional energy, for the first time in 9 years, I purchased Health Kit.


Never say never.

Tickets Factory

Continuing in the same manner, I really question why we can no longer produce relocation tickets on our own instead of receiving them as part of a weekly event?

If anyone understands why only this option from the list is unnecessary, I would ask him to share his knowledge.

In the Netherlands,