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Imperial Supply Drop Quebec

Day 1,898, 02:46 Published in Canada Malaysia by panzer1990panzer

Imperial Party Of Canada
Official Press Release

Imperial Supply Corps Drop

Once again the Spanish are pushing to assault our homeland. This time they are trying to cut us off from Quebec. We must hold them here, they will never pass our defenses. Along with the MDP, IPC, and now CPF supply drops they will find in our homes no easy victory. Instead they will find a gun behind every snowman.

Packing the Planes

Each supply drop will contain 10 q6 weapons as well as 300 energy. This drop is specifically for Quebec. However if you are under level 25 you can ask for a drop at anytime. If you would like to receive a supply drop leave a comment below. Whatever you'd like, however spamming this post with "MDP" spam will yield you nothing. Having said that, I have nothing against the MDP and respect the organization as a whole. A few individuals spoil it for everyone I suppose.

Fight on Canada, as we have the past battles, we will push back the Spanish invaders. Times like these make me proud to be eCanadian when we as a whole defy nations and alliances to defend our friends around the world.


panzer1990panzer Day 1,898, 02:48

As always we run on donations and appreciate any donation no matter the size. Thanks to bulldog and Mason Grey for funding the last one o7

Alexandrin Day 1,898, 07:15


ReMiiX Day 1,898, 07:26

Heil eCanada o7

Venerable Day 1,898, 07:32

Are you in talk with the CP? Our strategy thus far has been to waste dmg in regular wars, while winning RWs.

Rylde is calling for a RW. I'd try and find out quickly before you waste damage and supplies.

Venerable Day 1,898, 07:37

I'm right.

MoD has informed me that Alberta is being discarded, and the Quebec RW is going to be prio. It's currently 7/10 being supported. Please take down this article, or edit it immediately.

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,898, 08:56

Quebec you fools!

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Day 1,898, 08:57


and CoTD is Quebec

klop123 Day 1,898, 09:01


Are Verno
Are Verno Day 1,898, 09:25


crisfire Day 1,898, 09:31


panzer1990panzer Day 1,898, 11:13

Was Alberta last night, no I was not aware of that strategy

Is anyone really in "talks with Rylde" lol

&& I was sleeping so I cant change it "Immidietly"

John Greywolf
John Greywolf Day 1,898, 22:16

great work Panzer ( no supply needed )

Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Day 1,899, 16:35

am i too late? 😛

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