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Imperial Party Of Canada Top 5 party?

Day 1,857, 04:57 Published in Canada Malaysia by panzer1990panzer

Imperial Party Of Canada
Official Press release

Today we are within reach of what many of our party members have been working tirelessly to achieve for the past month and that is to be recognized as one of the Top 5 parties in Canada. We stand on the precipice, a mere 4 members away from the dawn of a new era in Canadian Politics.

Our party has experienced growth unlike anything we've seen in Canada in recent memory. From a party that was formed and quickly abandoned by its creator, a meager few stayed. From the ashes of the empty IPC a party was born. Ideas were hashed out, manifestos were debated over, and Wookies captured to build the death star programs discussed to help destroy our enemies.

So what can you do for the IPC and also what can we do for you? There are a few ways to help.

The easiest is to check out our articles which will be posted tommorow about who is running for congress as well as their platform and how they fell about various policies they would like to see implemented if elected.

Next we have a program ran by Cyber Ninja to collect food,weapons,gold,CAD for the Boomers Academy. This has been very successful within our own ranks thus far.

We also have our monthly lottery with half the proceeds going to the Boomers Academy and the other half to the winner. The most recent of which there was an exceedingly large turnout with 3,260CAD Donated to the Academy.

Finally you can subscribe to our newspapers, join our IRC #IPC, or our forum.

So what say you citizen. Are you the droids we've been looking for?

Imperial Party of Canada Spokesman



Mann551 Day 1,857, 05:05

IPC is the one for me!!! o7

cyber ninja
cyber ninja Day 1,857, 05:06

Nice XD

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Day 1,857, 05:11

Hail IPC,
Hail eCanada o7

Candor Day 1,857, 05:31

^^^ Punisher made me vote this. No ok I would have voted anyway cause the chick is hot.

JeguljaM Day 1,857, 05:50

Like the logo

Jon873 Day 1,857, 06:51

I voted since I like Star Wars.

I joined your forum then was banned, your party oppresses the people.....and wookiees

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Day 1,857, 12:21

^false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive other people and wookiees.

chewytaz Day 1,857, 12:25

So slavery of wookiees is not oppressing? That what the Empire does, good thing Darth Vader returns to the light side and kills Palpatine, I wonder who is the Vader here.

At least this time you got a decent girl this time, although stormtroopers in high heels may not be the most logical choice the Empire has made.

Mann551 Day 1,857, 13:59

Sabzii, if you were part of our forums, please tell me what your username was. We don't believe in oppressing anyone. We do prefer that you are part of the party, but will not oppress you otherwise.

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,857, 16:35

no one named sabzii joined the forum, you didnt have another name t that point did you hmm?

crisfire Day 1,857, 22:41

Banning him was the right choice

Rylde Day 1,858, 03:38

Gratz on the push to top 5

panzer1990panzer Day 1,858, 04:02

^^Thanks, looking forward to working together with the MDP after the elections.

Oinyo Day 1,858, 07:48

Grats 🙂

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,858, 13:23

you should just join us.

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