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Day 1,825, 18:03 Published in Ireland Ireland by JDKoda

Hello members of the IFP,
With IrishGawains election comes a new cabinet.

Vice President: Elite C
Secretary General: John Gormley
Councilor: Anthony Colby
Spokesman: JDKoda

As you can see I am the new IFP Spokesperson.
I will be writing articles that IrishGawain wants me to write.

1. Recruitment

IrishGawain aims to increase membership and to increase our influence in congress by 8+ members.
2. Development

IrishGawain aims to help the new players/members become more actively involved in the political and business sides of the game.
3. Reputation

IrishGawain aims to increase our relationships with other parties, military units, and countries. He aims to do this through donations and ambassadors.
4. IFP Newspaper

IrishGawain believes that in the past the Spokesman position hasn't been utilized like it should. He believes that the Spokesman should have a newspaper that the PP, VP, and SG all contribute to right an article that informs the whole party. He and I will both strive to deliver news for our party through the newspaper.
5. IFP Positions

The party is currently looking for people to fill positions such as Ambassadors, Military Specialist, Financial Specialist, and Entertainer. APPLY HERE:
6. IFP Web

IrishGawain is going to create a website for the party. It will include forums and a live chat. Within a day the website will be live.

Also If you want to run for congress make sure to fill out the form.
Party President: IrishGawain
Spokesman: JDKoda

Article #1
IFP Newspaper

Thanks For Reading.



John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,827, 17:15

Who is that Secretary General nobody?

JDKoda Day 1,829, 10:17

I don't understand your question...

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