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If Only We Had Elite leaders.

Day 1,792, 20:19 Published in USA Canada by olivermellors

From the pen of longtime American player, presently top dog of the CNTL alliance:


The United States, ….. play erepublik, by all appearances, for the glory of victory in battle.

I tell you, with pleasure, that I had the notion of invading Canada for many months so that the United States could shed her MPP stack and start something new. I tested the waters on April Fool's Day and was amazed at how easy it was going to be to push the United Stated to NE Canada. I worked with Code-Y over the months for an opportune time. It does not matter if you believe me or not, but the United States needed to do something drastic to prove to the eWorld that we were ready for something new.

……The United States was again split on whether Canada was a real enemy or whether we were picking on them for 'another' reason. Indeed, we were picking on them for another reason, to create CTRL. Many in the United States hated or still hate the notion of CTRL. There are varied reasons, but the over-whelming majority think it is only Poland and Serbia's attempt to pull the United States and Brazil into the ONE sphere of influence.

….The United States has stuck to the spirit of the charter, to its own danger. The United States is now under a Poltical Take-Over Threat from Serbian nationals.

…..I ask you to consider what the United States has done.


Long suspected, a number of USA administrations decided and executed a plan to invade its oldest and best ally in order to gain domestic credibility for a really bad new alliance. And they all lied about it. They lied to me and to their population. They blamed others. They invented false explanations and accusations and all sorts of rubbish.

Is it a wonder that Poland and Spain, seeing how the USA treated eCanada, know that they will get no different treatment when the chips are down? If you wanted to convince them to keep their old friends close, nothing could be more persuasive than the proud admissions of double-dealing made by the USA’s specially chosen leader of this alliance.

I do wish we had elite players as leaders.

What you see here is nothing of the kind. It is rank self-centered grasping behavior which ignores the interests of a majority of players. It is characteristic of those who think it "strong" to push past everyone and anything to reach a goal. It is further expressed in policies such as deliberate loss of bonuses, a policy in which the administration perseveres absent any data supporting its effectiveness.

None of this is very surprising nor should it dredge up strong emotions. It will continue to be run of the mill moribund ordinary. Change will not come from the poison pill AFA. I do wish that the administration would stop making Ajay’s job easier though.



olivermellors Day 1,792, 20:22

If you would like to encourage elite players to become involved in politics, consider shouting the tiny url:

Plugson Day 1,792, 20:26

So it wasn't all Rylde's fault. waddaya know

I'll have to take back all those accusations I made about him aggravating the situation. He was just the victim, though a slightly willing one.

Keep on sliding eUSA. As eCan is learning, it's quick ride down with a painfully long climb up.

olivermellors Day 1,792, 20:37

a slightly willing one 🙂.... master of the understatement!

If only Poland's president was so compliant, all would be fine. He's giving you fellas a hard time also. Rats. Swine. Flu. Contagion. It does appear my neighbours are getting a bit better.

kind regards

Plugson Day 1,792, 20:52

Sorting the out the loose animals from the real contagion is one of the hardest tasks in this game. Reminds of a movie conundrum:

Does monkeying around lead to damaged relations and loss of bonuses (re: EPC for eCan and Poison Pill for eUSA)? Or will things go that way anyhow whether or not we have Code-Ys willing to play the Fool?

Plugson Day 1,792, 20:55

What's for certain is that keeping things on track in this game appears to be getting harder. It's either a shifting player base or the result of a game hinging on constant war and gold purchses. There's only a couple things around to hold onto that are constant and have positive growth.

Hoping eUSA fares well marching through Austria on its way to Hungary. Should be a good spectacle.

Candor Day 1,793, 01:13

All you damn Canadians shut up! Just kidding. Continue.

Voted cause why not. Treachery and all that.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,793, 10:03


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,793, 11:59


Treian Day 1,793, 13:01


Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Day 1,793, 17:01

You keep using that word: "ally." You guys haven't had your shit together enough to be considered as such, aside from interfering in OURS.

Plugson Day 1,793, 21:35

Liquid ~ "you guys" can now be interpreted as being a couple nations (based on your description). Care to specifiy which 'guys' you mean?

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