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If not now, when?

Day 615, 08:27 Published in USA Belgium by Kylero

Looking at the Congress screen makes me tingly inside. To see that our Congress is now dominated by Independants from the UIP and from minor parties, is a great thing to see.

But now we have to push our Progressive agendas, and fast! I just looked at the eUSA's inflation rate, 81%!!! This is what the war has done to us!

This Congress needs to find a way to logically end this war with PEACE, and not by surrendering, but by promissing a fairer foreign policy and cooperation.

We cannot continue on for much longer! When Kansas falls, we are toast! We'll lose the entire west! Where are the tanks President Harrison? If not now, when?

In my previous issue, I had promised an interview with the Green Party's PP Florgan. I have sent him the questions, and he has yet to respond, all while the party is losing membership quickly, he is AWOL. We do not need this, the Green Party deserves better. More on that in the future 😉

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Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 615, 09:30

That's too bad, looks like it's hard times all around in eMerica, but what else is new? I'll be joining The Green Party if I live to attain Level 7. Good luck with everything. 🙂

Zheng He
Zheng He Day 615, 11:21

Something is seriously wrong if the press secretary is publicly undercutting the party president. Are you trying to destroy the green party or take it over? Comments like "he is AWOL" seem to be designed to drive people away from the party.

Kylero Day 615, 12:01

I'm reporting on the news. That's all. I'm trying to save this party, just making a fact that our leader isn't acting like a leader. I have that right. Just like in RL when Dems criticize Obama. Does that mean they're trying to take over? No. Does it mean that they might be trying to set themselves up for future ambitions. Perhaps.

Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 615, 12:28

I'm no expert on politics, but I've always believed the most patriotic thing you can do is to question.

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