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Day 1,886, 02:35 Published in Australia Australia by infin

OK Look I'm not a total Scumbag Steve. I'm going to offer Icetek some advice to help him try to understand the error of his ways.



Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,886, 02:37

#5 gj infin.

derkaderka jihad
derkaderka jihad Day 1,886, 02:54


derkaderka jihad
derkaderka jihad Day 1,886, 02:54

i dont get it

venja Day 1,886, 03:26


Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,886, 04:51

Bout damn time, and it's # 5 as AC said...I've been hang out for this all damn day. ; )

supereviloverlord Day 1,886, 05:53

Dame you derkaderka jihad, you wore out my horizontal scroll bar.

Detroit34 Day 1,886, 06:23

Icetek thanks you for the attention which he loves.

Icetek believes any publicity is good publicity and hopes you continue this series.

Personally I understand your motive and also the fact that it so hard to hold back a comment. I had managed until your series and very much regret commenting since it means I have also succumbed to Icetek’s need for attention.

Excuse me while I go back to completely ignoring Icetek.

DocterDry3 Day 1,886, 07:14


Binda33 Day 1,886, 07:44


BOUD1CCA Day 1,886, 12:27

You realise that if he is ignored, he ceases to exist \o/

infin Day 1,886, 16:53

If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there to hear it, does it really make a sound?

Arcaian Day 1,886, 17:57

For those who can't see the picture, it's the "you're gonna have a bad time picture", and it says "If you flame everyone as soon as you arrive in eAus, you're gonna have a bad time".

Reximus Day 1,886, 18:37

You realise that if he is ignored, he ceases to exist \o/ x2.

I couldn't agree more. I am conflicted - I love the series, but think this IS what he wants.

To Icetek (if you actually read this) move to the USA. You can get a spot in Ajay Bruno (Ronald Gipper Reagan)'s Congress and eventual Cabinet.

Icetek Day 1,886, 21:43

Infin, i cause bad days kid. There is nothing a bunch of computer nerds can do to me to cause me a bad day, take that advice 😉

I don't fear nor do i even blink at what is said online. See kiddo unlike you, my emotions are close to non existent on this world called the net. The net is nothing more then a business to leach every hard worked penny you have.

In other words kid, i'm sorry to say but your attempt to look cool in front of your nerdy friends was nice. But at the end of the day, i'm still the cool beautiful man in real life. 🙂

Arcaian Day 1,887, 23:40

I'm still not understanding why we're all nerds yet you're not... you're doing the same thing as us.

infin Day 1,887, 23:41

Icetek I am simply here for the lolz. And you are a pack of lolz indeed.

Icetek Day 1,887, 23:44

Far from it. I argue with people who cant seem to just step back and let others play and try new things. Binda33, Infin, XG etc. They need to be in a role play power position... Its like wtf... You all see me as a "troll" because of how they group up and talk against me.

That's fine tho, the world needs followers. All im trying to do is get them to understand they do not own this game. Its a PUBLIC browser game. If they want to control it all, they can go play single player games.

Icetek Day 1,887, 23:47

You waste your time making these images, then you come and say lols? Quit lying to yourself kid. I dont think you can even still come to the terms your butt hurt, and now you have a obsession with me because everything you try fails.

You need to learn to let go kiddo, your taking this way too personal. Your new friends are playing you for a fool. They will agree with you etc as long as its the expense of you. Notice how non of them are here doing it?

There using you Infin, your like the kid with money and they all want a free ride.

Malgoo Day 1,887, 23:57

Icetek, of course the perception that people have of you has absolutely nothing to do with how you interact with everybody - you know, all the threats and abuse and foulness of all descriptions you direct against anybody that has the temerity to disagree with you on any issue whatsoever.
It's all a conspiracy, right? It's everybody ganging up against you because of their own self interest and need to stay in power.
Yeah, of course it is. Yup. Totally. Yup. Nice try buddy.
Yup, your emotions are totally non existent, that's why you called Eyebrows a downy, called half of eAus a fag, and made threats against Bindas child when you didn't get your way. Yup.
You're the one that doesn't get that this is a multiplayer game, in which you have to work with people, and that insulting and abusing people for some reason doesn't enamour you to them.
eAus is a community, we fight and argue with each other, but we don't make it personal, as you so often do. Again and again and again.
Surprisingly the community decided we'd had enough of your crap.
Imagine that.

Icetek Day 1,887, 00:32

Malgoo i dont even read what you write, you showed me threw your biased judgement that your clouded more then Binda. Nuff said.

infin Day 1,887, 01:17

Just enjoy icetek. He is a cartoon character - an extreme parody.

Icetek Day 1,887, 03:56

Sorry kid, i passed my days of watching cartoons. I don't like to live in fairly lands 😉 get my drift?

BOUD1CCA Day 1,887, 05:29

he even talks like a cartoon character

Binda33 Day 1,888, 02:03

Where's meme #6 ?

venja Day 1,888, 03:19

*venja hands icetek another shovel

infin Day 1,889, 05:36

Meme's are so played out Binda.

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